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Posted: December 20, 2014 in Review
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Star+Rating-6 WARNING! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS POTTY TALK, THAT IS TALK ABOUT POOP, IF THIS DISGUSTS YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. In this post I review and give you my experience using the Colon Cleanser Oxy-Powder. I have had many gut problems, nothing major but anything from constipation to diarrhea, cramping to gas. My usual day involves lots of gas and constipation. I’ve never been clinically diagnosed with IBS but I’m pretty sure I have it. Stress goes straight to my colon as do certain foods like corn and carrots, etc… My gut is really sensitive. I’ve tried other colon cleansers before and had really bad experiences so I was very careful before starting this one. With that said I have tried many products that Alex Jones sells and have NEVER had issues with them and they all have been helpful.
CLICK THE IMAGE TO BUY SOME FOR YOURSELF. Before I forget, let me also say I AM NOT a doctor, don’t pretend to be a doctor and don’t play a doctor online or on TV. I am NOT giving medical advice in this post. Below I have listed some info about Oxy-Powder along with where you can purchase it. The following blub was taken from http://store.infowars.com/Oxy-Powder_p_1395.html Learn About The Astonishing Power of All Natural Oxygen Colon Cleansing With Oxy-Powder® Now Available Through Infowars Life™ Oxy-Powder® is the best rated, scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser that is now offered by Infowars Life™ . What are the Benefits of Oxy-Powder®?

  • It is the only colon cleansing product with ingredients backed by real clinical studies on safety.
  • Cleanses your colon while you SLEEP – How easy is that!
  • Easy capsules, no horrible tasting concoctions!
  • Does not require time off work or an interruption to your daily schedule. (I’m not in 100% agreement with that statement. I had to give myself at least an extra half hour in the morning for throne time)
  • Uses oxygen for gentle and safe cleansing of impurities and toxins

So, after months of research on the product and the usage of it and hearing a multitude of testimonials I decided I was going to give it a try but needed the timing right because, YOU WILL BE USING THE BATHROOM FREQUENTLY. They recommend you start on a Friday night so as to get use to your morning activities before you have to go back to work. I decided this would be the best option. One testimony that helped in making my decision was that of Rob Dew’s. Rob is the News Director for Infowars Nightly News. Here is Rob Dew’s Testimonial:

So my adventure begins. Let’s roll…

First a couple of things. I weigh myself at night because all the movements you have are generally in the morning and I find it counterproductive to take weights in the morning as it will be fluctuating. I am rather graphic in my descriptions of my movements. I figure anyone considering using this product should know what they are in for. I make no apologies for my descriptions. I am a commercial driver so I don’t have bathrooms immediately available to me which can be a HUGE problem when doing a colon cleanse. I contacted Global Healing Center and gave them my situation to which they promptly gave me some additional advice specific to my needs. So, join me as a mosey down the road of intestinal cleansing, I pray it will help in your decision. If you would like to skip all the nitty, gritty, poop log crappy daily details skip ahead to the conclusion.

Day 0 – Friday Night 12/12/2014

I Took 4 capsules before bed with a full glass of water on an empty stomach, as recommended. Here are the instructions on the bottle: oxypowderlabel120_1[1] When I went to bed my weight was 218.6 Pounds.

Day 1 – Saturday 12/13/2014

I was woken up at 4:00am with LOTS of gas. I had more “airlocks” than a nuclear submarine and was in the bathroom for 20 minutes breaking them. However, no movements yet so I went back to bed. At 7:00am I was woken again (almost time to get up anyways) and felt a little different so I headed to the bathroom. It officially began. I had 2 large movements right then and there over a period of about 10 minutes. At 8:30am I sat down for movement #3, another large one. There was almost no urgency to this one and it could have waited longer. The first 2 had some urgency to them. Since you’re suppose to have between 3-5 movements throughout the day apparently I will not have to up my dosage, I can stay right at 4 a night. At 10:30am I sat down again for movement #4. This was much smaller than the first 3 and was in no way urgent. I could have waited an hour or more probably, in fact I already had waited a half hour. At 2:30pm I sat down for movement #5. This was different from the rest. It was a small amount but was formed. The other 4 were very loose but manageable. There was absolutely no urge to go but I was taking a nap so I decided I’d try before I laid down to rest. There’s my 3-5! Perfect dosage on the first try. At 9:00pm I sat down for BM #6. This was more like my normal bathroom activity. Small & constipated. When I went to bed my weight was 216.8 Pounds.

Day 2 – Sunday 12/14/2014

This day was much easier than the day before. Only 3 movements however I did have some intestinal discomfort today, though nothing major. At 4:30am I woke up with my butt puckering. I had to go so I went. It started slow & solid but turned to a large liquid movement. Waited some time just in case and didn’t have any more so went back to bed. At 8:00am I woke up again and walked around for a while before getting the urge to go. Finally sat down and did go. This one was not urgent at all and was rather sludgy and large. At 9:15am I had a medium, loose but not watery movement and it was not at all urgent. When I went to bed my weight was 216.6 Pounds and took 5 capsules because of today’s lack luster performance.

Day 3 – Monday 12/15/2014

I did not sleep worth a hill of beans last night. Like waking every hour. My brain just would not shut down for some reason. I’m sure this had NOTHING to do with the Oxy-Powder as it is an occasional occurrence for me anyways but I believe it did effect it’s performance today. At 4:30am I got up and had no urge at all to go which is weird because usually I do but I sat down on the throne anyways to rule my kingdom. After a few minutes I had a slow start with solid stool but it finally after a few minutes came out watery. About a medium size. At 4:50am I had some more but much less than expected. Still kind of asleep from the long night. It may be my bowels just are not awake yet. Hopefully they will be soon as I have to leave for work in less than half an hour. At 6:00am I’m at work getting ready for the day and just let a very large one go. At 6:30am I had another one but this one was so small it’s almost not worth mentioning. At 8:00am I went on my first break and was in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Extremely large watery & chunky but yet still not urgent at all. Considering how I slept I have tons of energy and never had to take a nap when I got home. Usually when I sleep like this I almost don’t make it through my day at work. Today? No problem, in fact I went bow hunting when I went home as it’s the last day of bow season. Unfortunately didn’t see anything. The only thing I can attribute the extra energy to is the extra oxygen in my system. I did nothing different and in fact had very little caffeine compared to usual. When I went to bed my weight was 215.8 Pounds & took 6 capsules for good measure, just out of curiosity…

Day 4 – Tuesday 12/16/2014

Well, today was quite active. I’ll be taking 5 capsules tonight thank you. Not that there were urgency issues or anything like that, just lots and lots of activity. I again didn’t sleep well but better than the night before. At 4:30am I had a large watery movement. At 4:35am I had another large watery movement. At 4:45am I had yet another large watery movement. At 5:15am I had a medium watery movement and I’m off to work. At 6:15am At work I had a large watery movement. At 9:15am My first break I had a 15 minute medium watery movement. Wow! I haven’t weighed myself yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be lighter tonight. One thing I have noticed. The first couples days the movements were still watery but were darker, thicker and slightly sludgy. Now they are getting thinner and clearer and aren’t sticking to the bowl as persistently. This is obviously a cue that the Oxy-Powder IS cleaning me out. Even though I haven’t slept good for two nights straight my energy is surprisingly high considering. I can only equate this to the extra oxygen in my blood stream from the Oxy-Powder as I have changed nothing else. When I went to bed my weight was 217 Pounds?!?!?!? What? I gained weight? Only thing I can attribute this to is the amount of water I drank before bed. I took 5 capsules tonight.

Day 5 – Wednesday 12/17/2014

Well, miserable night #3. I AGAIN was up a lot and this time I CAN attribute some of it to the Oxy-Powder. At 12:00am I was up with a huge gas bubble with considerable abdominal pain. I did get this to release but no movements. At 3:30am I was awoken again with a puckering sphincter. This time it was the real thing. I got up and sat down and had an extremely massive watery movement. Damn it’s early and I haven’t slept well so back to bed. At 4:30am I slept through my alarm and my wife had to backhand me to wake me up. I got up and had another large watery movement. At 4:45am I had another movement. Medium this time. At 5:15 I sat down for the last time before heading off to work for another small watery movement. Off to work. At 6:15 I had a large watery movement at work before heading out. I wasn’t able to take my normal bathroom break at 9-ish so I had to wait till lunch. No problem, No urges to go. At 11:00am I took my lunch and sat down for my last small watery movement. I can definitely understand why people say by day 3 or 4 they want to stop… Lots of crap, that’s for sure (pun intended). And although not completely tied to the Oxy-Powder this lack of sleep is wearing on me but I still have an amazing amount of energy and alertness for 3 crappy nights of sleep. Hopefully will do better tonight. When I went to bed my weight was 218.4 Pounds. WTF??? I’m almost BACK to my starting weight! How can this be with all the crap I’ve been expelling? Took 5.

Day 6 – Thursday 12/18/2014

Finally a relatively good nights sleep. At 4:30am after a very slow start I finally had a large chunky > watery movement. At 4:40am I had another large watery movement. At 5:00am I had a medium watery movement. At 6:15am I had a medium watery movement. At 9:00am I had a small watery movement. When I went to bed my weight was 218.8 Pounds.

Day 7 – Friday 12/19/2014

Last day on the cleanse. I’m kinda pissed that my weight is MORE than when I started. That speaks volumes as to what this product DOESN’T do. At 4:36am I had a large watery movement. At 4:40am I had a medium watery movement. At 5:10am I had a large watery movement. At 5:55am I had a large watery movement. At 9:30am I had a large watery movement. At 11:30am I had a small NORMAL movement. When I went to bed my weight was 218.6 Pounds… THE EXACT WEIGHT I STARTED THE INTESTINAL CLEANSE AT!!!!!

Day 8 – Saturday 12/20/2014

My MORNING weight is 216.4. This is not a weight loss as I’ve been taking my weights at night. This is a normal AM/PM weight fluctuation. I did have a relatively soft & urgent movement this morning. Probably leftover Oxy-Powder left in my system. Today is the first day OFF the program and a much needed “recovery” day. Here are my thoughts.


I did have to delete some things from the conclusion as they would not have made sense if left in.

Day 9 – Sunday 12/21/2014

Today was rather uneventful. A little constipation but nothing major. Did have some gas pain in the evening.

Day 10 – Monday 12/22/2014

I had significant gas pain today and figured it was just do to stool moving through my 1 week empty digestive tract. Boy was I in for a surprise. I did have a normal movement during the day at work but after I got home was when the fun began. After eating supper I just didn’t feel good. Lots of painful gas. My boys wanted to go see some Christmas lights so we went for 2 hours. Throughout the trip I was in almost constant pain like I haven’t felt before in my gut. We got home and I headed for the bathroom figuring it was just a massive air-locked gas bubble. I did have lots of bubbles, then some painful soft and large movements. Figuring I was done I headed to the computer to check my email, but after a few minutes my gut was cramping again. I headed back to the bathroom, sat down, released some more air and then what I though was diarrhea, but it wasn’t. It felt a little different though in that it was really really really warm. Not burning hot but extremely warm coming out. It also smelt worse than anything i’ve ever smelt, and I MEAN that! Needless to say I just sat there relieved to not feel the pain anymore and curiosity got the best of me. I’ve been the type of person who always looks at their poop. Call me anal (pun intended) but I’m health conscious. What I saw when I looked in the bowl however horrified me! I’ve seen these nasty pictures online before of what’s called Mucoid Plaque and figured it was just some marketing gimmick. Well, I can now tell you IT IS A REAL THING. I DID NOT take any pictures of it but if you’re curios go HERE to see what I’m talking about.

Sunday 12/28/2014

I just completed a 3 day cleanse (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). On Saturday night I took some charcoal because this is what I did before my cleansing. Charcoal has been used for eons by EMS workers to bind to toxins in the body and flush them out. Well Today I expelled some more mucoid plaque. The last time I did this I also had charcoal the night before (though I didn’t mention it). I did not take charcoal during the active part of the cleanse and this is only the 2nd time I’ve taken it since starting the initial cleanse. I’m thinking that the cleanse may loosen the plaque and the charcoal further binds to and loosens this plaque. I did not have any cramping this time though like I did the last time.

UPDATED Conclusion:

People say all this product does is give you diarrhea. I completely disagree. I’ve had lots of diarrhea in my lifetime and every time it’s painful and urgent and if you have enough it dehydrates the life out of you and wares your energy out. The large watery stools the Oxy-Powder produces don’t fit any of that description. They are not painful or urgent. They don’t dehydrate you or ware my energy down. In fact I usually have MORE energy after one. Let me offer a few tips I took away from my experience:

  1. Bring something to do. Tablet, Smart Phone, Book, Magazine, etc… You’ll be here for a while.
  2. Which brings up point 2. Give yourself extra bathroom time in the morning, you’ll need it.
  3. With that said if your home has multiple bathrooms you are blessed and won’t have to give up your spot.
  4. Make sure you turn on the exhaust fan, a gas mask might also be a good idea.
  5. Keep the toilet brush handy, you’ll be using it.
  6. Have plenty of TP handy, you’ll be using that also.
  7. Last but not least, drink plenty of water (as pure as possible, in other words NOT TAP WATER) before, throughout & after your cleanse. If you don’t you’ll be sorely disappointed with the lack of results.
  8. Take charcoal after you’re done with the cleanse for further results and detoxification.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the Oxy-Powder’s ability to relieve constipation and really want to give it a positive review as I’m slightly bias towards Infowars products, but I regretfully cannot. (OR SO I THOUGHT) I gave this every chance I could and followed the directions to the T. I did not have lemons to add to the water but that’s an optional step anyways. Although it relieves constipation quite well I must only give this product 3 stars G_3-Stars-Wht. This is where the review changes. I now wholeheartedly give it a whopping 6 stars Star+Rating-6!  Didn’t think that was possible did ya!?!? See I did this review originally on the 8th day. My first day off the cleanse. I jumped the gun. You can read above what happened on day 10 and if anything else like that happens again I’ll be sure to update this review again. It is not marketed as a weight loss product but if we all have that much crud laying around in our intestines then 7 days of “cleansing” 25+ feet of intestines should net you a decent loss of weight, five pounds minimum. This seemed like what it was doing the first 2 days but soon the weight started coming back. Overall I didn’t loose ANY weight, not even ounces. I did feel better afterwards seeing as I had literally NO constipation while using this but with how it works it seems to be nothing more than a high priced laxative that doesn’t cause cramping or uncontrollable bowels, at least with me. What I personally believed the Oxy-Powder was doing is liquifying the waste that YOU JUST ATE and is in the process of digestion. I don’t believe for one minute it’s liquifying intestinal plaque….at least with me. I do however believe it loosened it up and when I had my first full fledged movement that movement dislodged some plaque. Perhaps my plaque was deeper seated than other peoples? Who knows. The part about not having to adjust your schedule is COMPLETE AND TOTAL bunk! You WILL have to add some bathroom time in the morning to your routine which for many, me included, will mean waking up at least an extra half hour early. For the most part the movements are easy to control and you don’t need to be “right next to” a toilet. You SHOULD have one less than 15 minutes away, but don’t need one right there next to you. Overall, if you have the money and you’re chronically constipated go ahead and get this and use the maintenance program. It’ll be a welcome change. However if you want to remove intestinal plaque don’t waste your time or money. Wrong again. BUY IT! IT WORKS! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the folks over at Global Healing Center. All my questions were answered within 24 hours. I do have to say their customer service is second to none. However, being bent towards conspiracy theory as I am when I tried to leave a 3 star review on GHC’s webpage for this product I got an Error, Please try again later message… hmmm… If you have any questions for me don’t be shy. Leave a comment or send me an email to hartzellcc@gmail.com and I’ll answer it as soon as I can. As usual, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog in the upper left hand corner for automatic email updates. Hope this all helped – Chris If anything significant happens or changes in the coming weeks I’ll update this post. To which I have and continue to do!


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  • Chris

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  1. […] UPDATE!!!! Product Review: Global Healing Center’s Oxy-Powder. […]


  2. Anton says:

    I found a coupon code for Oxy-Powder. You can get 5% off by entering coupon code ‘next5off’ during checkout: http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/cleansing/oxy-powder.html/?a_aid=52ddd0496ed29

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  3. Weslee says:

    fantastic review !!!! I have been scouring the web for as much info as possible on this product and how it works. Your review tops them all. Based on this review, i find it is worthwhile to use this product. I am going to order it and see if they deliver to Canada. Again, better than a medical journal review.


  4. David says:

    Hi, So the product website recommends 6 consecutive days which I have just reached and just like am feeling a bit disappointed because I have not passed any mucoid plaque and was thinking of stopping now. However, after reading your update I’ll continue I think for another four days and see if anything happens. Best


    • I passed my plaque after I had stopped my week on the product


      • David says:

        I see. I must have gotten the wrong end of the stick. Anyhow, I stopped after about 9 days. No encrustations to be seen. Years ago when I had an Earth Mother hippy gf, I bought a Colema Board and took bentonite. Passed lots of ropey MP. I wrote the company. This is their reply:

        ‘There’s a lot of controversy regarding mucoid plaque. MP is not actually a recognized medical diagnosis nor is it a scientific term in any medical manual. There are pictures floating around on the Internet which show a ropey, black intestinal mass. We believe these photos were taken from a medical examiner after an autopsy. (Can you believe that?!) We don’t mention MP on our websites. Instead, we use the term “compacted fecal matter,” which Oxy-Powder® will dissolve and eliminate.”


  5. Claudia says:

    Where did you get charcoal from and how is it to be used ?


  6. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info.
    I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with
    us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.


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  8. This is possibly the best thing I have read all year! it always comes down to poop… Thank you so much for writing this review! it has convinced me to give it a try for myself and my father, perhaps even the ”9 step full body cleanse” and will be sure to write a review for anyone interested.. Have you tried any more of Global Healing Centers products? I haven’t really checked out Info Wars products because whilst I was once an Alex Jones fan, he provided a lot of useful information but also a lot of misinformation ( in my opinion ) and I don’t think he is someone to completely trust, so I steer clear, even if he has a lot of useful stuff to say, no harm done watching him I guess, but.. You know…. Heck I still watch him on occasion for when he flips out, that is quality television.

    Dank review grade: A++++ would read again.

    PS: ( You could well be my new bedtime hero )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! No I actually haven’t tried any of their other stuff. Sorry.

      I agree with you on Alex. I once was a “never miss a show” type listener but have woken up to the fact that he, like so many others is controlled also. I still listen, mainly for the stuff you don’t hear elsewhere and the entertainment value but I don’t sweat it if I miss a day or week etc…

      Good luck.


  9. Hi, after reading this remarkable article i am as well cheerful to share my experience here with mates.

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  10. abi says:

    I am doing this cleanse now. Day 4 and ive lost five pounds, but I think in the long run this detox has helped my diet change. Im eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts as a treat with tons of water and lemon once a day. I am excited, although ummm exercising doesnt seem the most wise to do at the moment 😛 :X I’m taking walks twice a day and gently lifting dumbells. Thank you for your review.

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  11. Geraldine McArdle says:

    I took 1 this morning just went to the toilet pooh was kinda wered looking ,like lumps in it , kinda scared now


  12. Samantha Cribbins says:

    I love this story! I could not stop laughing.


  13. Magdalena Jezierska says:

    Hello Chris.
    Its been a while since you posted that review I just wanted to say its brilliant and ask you a question if you may. Thank you so much i learnt few things about Oxy Powder. I am starting tonight and was wondering if you remember what time have you been taking the pills in the evening? After reading your review i know that i would need around 2 hours in the morning so was thinking of taking Oxy Powder earlier in the evening to start early in the morning;). But i dont know if that works this way. I am bit scared of any “public accidents” if you know that i mean as i need leave my house the latest 6.15 am and travelling around 40 mins with no access to the toilet on week days.
    If you remember what time you have been taking Oxy Powder please share it with me. I will be very gretaful for your help.
    Thank you so much. Magdalena


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