FREE Night Vision? Yes you heard that right but it might not be what you’re thinking. Sit tight and let me explain.

This is the Trailer Park Prepper Blog and here we do everything on a budget because unlike the majority of Preppers portrayed by Hollywood we work on an extremely tight budget because, well, we don’t have unlimited pocketbooks.

Your eyes are way more powerful than you think. In fact, most people can see great in the dark without any help at all. Think about it, how many times have you woke in the middle of the night, gotten out of bed, walked to the bathroom, did your thing and went back to bed without turning on the lights or even without the assistance of a night light? This is a testament to how good your eyes are. Now, before you pipe up, YES there is a familiarity with your own house and you might be able to do this simply by memory and with your eyes closed so let me cover that right here and now.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Get to know your house & property without the use of illumination devices. Get to know them good during the day, then at dusk, then by moonlight and finally, in total darkness. Now, be careful, don’t be a moron, take a flashlight and a firearm with you as many predators are out and would like to make supper out of you. So with that said let’s get to some tips & things you can practice to get your FREE Night Vision activated and tuned up.

  • Adaptation.

    It takes roughly 25 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust to the dark. During this 25 minutes avoid any light… and I mean ANY! Use a watch with glow in the dark hands and DO NOT turn on your watches light to check your time. Better yet, use your watches built in timer.

  • Abhor light.

    If your eyes are adapted to the dark and you suddenly look at a bright (or not so bright) light then you’ll have to spend time re-adjusting to the dark. Your eyes adjust to the light quickly, but darkness slowly. If bright light is inevitable then don’t look at it! Look around it. Put your hand in front of your eyes and look through the small space between your fingers.

  • Scan.

    Your eyes are less sensitive in the dark so you will have to scan your surroundings much slower. Don’t try and get a hard focus if it’s extremely dark, you will merely frustrate yourself. Also, don’t expect your sense of motion or peripheral vision to work even close to as well as they do during the day. Keep your eyes moving. Don’t stare or your eyes will adjust to ONLY what you are staring at, kinda like tunnel vision. Also make sure you blink often, this will keep the rod cells in your eyes from desensitizing. The Rods in your eyes are exclusively for night vision and motion detection. They only see black and white, whereas the Cones see color. To optimize them you need to keep your eyes moving. Look for shapes, outlines, contours and movement.

  • Off Center Focus.

    Believe it or not if you look off to one side of what you are trying to focus on (about 6 to 10 degrees) the object will be more clear and focused.

  • Wear Sunglasses.

    In 1983 Cory Hart came out with the song “Sunglasses at Night”. I’ll spare you the cheesy ’80s song, but within the song are the words “And I wear my sunglasses at night So I can, So I can, See the light that’s right before my eyes”. I’m not sure he realized how powerful that line can be. I’ve worn sunglasses at night a lot. I’m a professional driver. Driving with mildly tinted sunglasses can reduce glare and keep your eyes sensitive at the same time. At the same time if you wear sunglasses at dusk it can reduce your adaptation time significantly. Also you should wear them during the day. It’s been said that 10 consecutive days of unfiltered sunlight exposure can cause you a 50% loss in night vision. So keep them shades on. Also you can use lightly tinted glasses at night to adjust your eyes to deeper darkness and take them off when you need to see clearly. This will bring in more light to your eyes when you need it.

  • Rose Colored Glasses.

    Yes, be the Pollyanna. See the world through rose colored glasses. It’s OK, everything is going to turn out peachy. Just like our above tip, try red tinted glasses during the day. The Rods in our eyes aren’t sensitive to red so these glasses create the illusion of darkness to your eyes and they will start to adjust to the dark sooner. Pilots have done this for eons preparing for night flights.

  • RED Light.

    If you NEED additional light and you don’t have to worry about giving your location away you can use a light with a RED filter. As mentioned before, your eye’s Rods aren’t sensitive to red light so using it won’t mess up your night vision. However keep it to a minimum as we’re also looking for stealth and you never know who might be watching.

  • Cleanliness.

    If you wear prescription glasses keep them crystal clean. Dirty lenses are hard enough during the day, they are infinitely harder to see through in the dark.

  • Kick the Habit.

    If you smoke, STOP! Aside from giving you cancer and killing you before your time nicotine and the carbon monixide you inhale reduces your eye’s ability to see in the dark. This includes second hand smoke! Do yourself a favor and quit NOW!

  • Carrots.

    How about eating carrots? This, believe it or not is a myth. Moms, carrots do NOT help you see better, period. However Bilberries do so eat some bilberries. Just be careful as they can make you “go” if you have too many.

  • Sugar.

    Eat more sugar. Yes, you heard that right! Night vision is highly dependent on blood sugar levels. Now if you’re diabetic, skip this step, PLEASE! Obviously you don’t want to overdo it either. I’m sure there are dentists everywhere screaming at their screens right now. Calm down guys, you are way too uptight!

  • Vitamins.

    Eyes can benefit heavily from things like Vitamin A, Zinc, Lutein, etc… For an extremely potent and high quality eye specific vitamin go HERE.

  • Dim it.

    Along with dimming the lights in your house, which not only allows you to adjust to the darkness quicker but also saves money on the power bill (big plus)… Dim your computer screen, Tablet and phone screens too. Stop looking at things that are so darn bright. Now if you work in graphic design and need a color-true workspace then ignore this while at work but elsewhere turn the brightness down. I keep my computer monitor at 50% brightness all the time. Read by candlelight now so that when you HAVE TO it won’t be that hard. Start small and work your way up. Don’t stress your eyes too much too fast. Dimming everything a couple hours before bed also has the pleasant side effect of preparing your body for sleep so you’ll sleep better.

  • Hydrate.

    Out of all the organs in your body your eyes are the highest percentage of water being comprised of 95% water! “The average adult contains 40 to 50 quarts or 10 to 13 gallons of water. Blood is 83 percent water, muscles 75 percent, brain 75 percent, heart 75 percent, bones 22 percent, lungs 86 percent, kidneys 83 percent, and eyes 95 percent.” Obviously if you’re dehydrated, which it’s reported that 75% of Americans are CHRONICALLY dehydrated, then your eyes can’t possibly operate at peak efficiency!

  • Pinhole.

    Pinhole glasses are proven effective to improve your vision but here’s the kicker. They black out everything except what’s right in front of you and force your eyes to exercise the Rods, which as we learned earlier are specifically for night vision and motion detection. Find the pair with the smaller holes and use these in moderation as they can tire your eyes quickly at first, which leads me to the next and final step.

  • Exercise.

    Finally you should exercise your eyes. Here are just a few of the possible exercises you can do to strengthen your eyes:

    1. Warm up by closing your eyes tightly and opening them widely 10 to 15 times. Then close your eyes and warm them up with the palms of your hands for 30 seconds or more.
    2. Near / Far. Focus on a distant object for 10 to 15 seconds then focus on something closer for 10 to 15 seconds. Do 5 to 10 reps.
    3. Cross eye. Holding a pen, or other similar object at arms length slowly move it to your nose until you can’t focus on it anymore then return it to full extension. Do 10 to 15 reps.
    4. Scribble. Look straight ahead and write some words with your eyes. The bigger the letters the better.
    5. Time to cool down. Repeat step 1 for the cool down.

These are just some of the things you can do to acquire your FREE Night Vision. With Practice, and I DO mean practice you can get that cat like vision also. My mother-in-law has cat like vision at night and she ain’t exactly a spring chic. How did she get to where she’s at? She was born in Germany and lived through much of the war. She knows what poverty is. She has lived most of her adult life not using light in the house at night, and when I say no light, I mean no light. No night lights. No dim lamps, No flashlights. Nothing. Her eyes have naturally adapted to the night. She has amazing night vision for her age, better than most teenagers.

So get your cat eyes up to snuff today. Get the eye of the tiger and improve your night vision now. Don’t wait until the collapse. Don’t wait until you have no more batteries for your Night Vision scope. Better yet, don’t spend hard earned money you could use elsewhere on a gadget that will let you down when you need it the most. Improve your built in, FREE, Night Vision today. You’ll be glad you did.

– Chris

  1. doctorryanc says:

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    Interesting article. I first learned of this in the 80’s when we were studying how the Navy taught sailors to watch for subs in WWII (out of the corner of their eyes – so their rods and not cones would pick up the shadow made by German para-scopes).


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