Tips for Dealing with Anti-preppers

Posted: September 5, 2015 in Blog, New Post, Re-Blog
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Dealing with Anti-preppers

Source: Tips for Dealing with Anti-preppers – Apartment PrepperApartment Prepper

“This past summer, I visited with relatives in friends whom I had not seen in several years.  While it was great seeing everyone again, I realized, with some trepidation, that they are not prepared for even minor disasters.   They refuse to even consider the possibility that a disaster may hit their area, truck deliveries may stop, and they will have nothing in their homes to cope with the emergency.  At the time, the movie San Andreas was showing in the theaters and several said, “I don’t want to see that, because I do not want to think about what can happen.”

I think of them as “anti-preppers.”  You can tell by the way they conduct their everyday lives.  They never have any food in the refrigerator or pantry, even for everyday meals because they eat out daily.  When the subject does come up, they not even want to hear about the possibility of earthquake or some others natural disaster in their area.  They politely listen to the idea of being prepared, but they get a blank look and you just know they have tuned out.

I have written about the subject of dealing with a spouse or partner who is not on board, and was preparing to write about dealing with anti-preparedness attitudes when I ran across an excellent article written by Todd Sepulveda who runs the Prepper Website, Ed that Matters and others.  With permission, here is the article:”

Read the rest in the link.

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