When disaster strikes are you prepared?

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Blog, conspiracy, New Post, Rants, Re-Blog
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Boy, this September shit is really making people panic, even those who aren’t preppers. Case and point, my in-laws are freaking out right now because the pope is coming.it’s going to be world wide financial collapse, Armageddon, etc…. if it is world wide and you just took all your money out of the bank, the next day you might be able to buy a sandwich with it. Learn skills, don’t just buy shit.
When planning for disaster, we run through scenarios in our mind and those scenarios give us a visual baseline for which we make plans. As preppers we talk a lot about the steps you can take right now to get prepared so that you will have a plan, supplies and options for when that disaster may strike. Often preparedness deals with the immediate effects of disaster like having a vehicle to bug out or having plenty of food and water to deal with shortages. The next logical step from that is a longer term plan, but those long term prepping plans usually revolve around extensions of those same basic needs: Food, Water, Shelter and Security.

Read the entire article here: http://www.sott.net/article/302273-When-disaster-strikes-are-you-prepared

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  1. Long term will be easy.
    It’s surviving the first onslaught and the resulting mess that all things bad generate will be the hardest. That’s where you will need skills and knowledge.

    Why plan forever unless you can meet the challenge of the rule of three.
    3 minutes without good air
    3 hours of bad exposure
    3 days without water
    3 weeks without food.

    Except why do I say that?
    Realization about things to come came to me from an amateurs short YouTube film:-

    “You wanna know the funny thing about the end of the world?
    The world will still be there.”

    Less people, no political B.S., no corporates or banks screwing everybody, and plenty of stuff and knowledge just laying around for the intelligent scavengers of “the new world” to utilize.

    First survive the onslaught.
    Then become the ultimate scavenger.

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