Treed a black bear cub while archery hunting.

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Blog, New Post, Original Content, Videos
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Sorry for the crappy video quality and the f-bombs. it was dusk and I had to zoom way in to get this.

I was finishing up deer hunting with my bow and i decided to take a quick stalk walk down the 4×4 trail. I didn’t get 200 yards from my jeep when i heard what I initially thought was a fawn distress call. i stopped and raised the bow and it really freaked out but then stopped. i then proceeded to move towards the vicinity of the call and suddenly it rang out VERY LOUD like it was next to me… Looked around and didn’t see a thing. Then again it called and i realized the noise was coming from above. I looked up and at first thought I saw 2 turkey perched in the top of an oak… Then it moved and I thought I saw a tail so I grabbed my cell phone and zoomed in as much as I could. This black bear cub was about 80′ up the oak. By the time I realized what it was I didn’t stay around as the last thing you want to do is get between mama bear and her cub. Right when the video ends you can see it moving across a branch. Before I knew what it was i kicked the tree to get it to move. At one point you can see it’s profile great (nose, ears and head) and then it turns and sticks it’s butt out. Needless to say I got the hell out of there before mama showed up as all I had was my bow and .380 pocket pistol burried in my ghillie suit.

The following video is for reference only as to what a black bear cubs distress call sounds like.

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