My rambling on city life

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Blog, conspiracy, New Post, Original Content, Rants
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Today we drove to Manchester NH to visit a sick family member. That part was fine but we went to just one store while we were there. I personally don’t know how anybody can live in a city. Ya, there’s lots of things to do but, sorry, I’m a country boy and in my opinion preppers don’t belong in cities.

My brain is tired, I think it got over simulated lol. While my wife was visiting I took the boys to a nearby park within walking distance. What I found were 5 year olds with the mouth of a sailor, anatomically correct graffiti along with every cuss word under the sun, 40 year old grandma’s cussing at their grandchildren at the top of their lungs and no peace and quiet to speak of.

After we left I programmed the GPS to take us to a huge second hand store 5 miles away. The drive took 20 minutes. I ran 2 red lights because I was distracted by assholes passing me going 50 in a 30. The people at the business were nice but I thought I wandered into a Wal-Mart at 1:30 in the morning.

We left and I again programmed the GPS to bring me back to the interstate… it proceeded to take me through the bowels of Manchester. That, was an interesting drive. Hookers on the street in broad daylight, one way roads, more asshole drivers and finally, the interstate.

I was so relieved to get back home to my little town were for the most part my brain can rest. How on earth can you consider yourself a prepper and live in the city?

It’s common knowledge in the prepper community that large cities will be the first to get hit. Hit with a nuke. Hit with a disease. Hit with riots. Etc, need I go on?

Try buying a nice slice of land in a city. It ain’t happening. Try shooting your arsenal in your back yard. What back yard! Try hunting in the city. Try fishing in the polluted waterways. Try doing anything a prepper does. City life makes it near impossible.

If you work in a city but live in the “country” than you have one hell of a commute! Plus suburbs are NOT the country. Besides what happens when the SHTF while you’re at work? You ain’t getting out easily, if at all.

Make it simple, move to the real country, get a lesser paying job, simplify and be a real, honest to goodness prepper.

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