For a while now I’ve had a post brewing in my head that I’m going to title “Preppers in the Bible” but until I write that here is an excellent post on how prepping is 100% biblical. So for now show this to your fellow Christian friends when they mock you for prepping, or worse yet, call you a wicked sinner for thinking Christ won’t protect you (even though that’s not what your think)…


This is one question that drives me absolutely crazy. Decent, well meaning people who I believe are truly devout Christians think being prepared is strange. Some of these folks actually believe prepping to be a sin. REALLY!?!?!?!!! 

Even if you are not a person of faith, hang in there for this post. We will be discussing common excuses Christians use for not being prepared, their rational behind these excuses and yes, what the Bible teaches us about preparedness. 

Reasons Christians Don’t Prepare

Christians have all of the usual excuses to not be prepared, no time, no need, no money, and no space are very common. In addition to all of the excuses that you could hear everyone give, Christians have a few excuses that they believe are religious based. In fact some of these reasons are even looked at as being holy.

God will protect me.
God will provide for me.
I am sure the church has a disaster plan.
Being a prepper means you are living in fear.
Being a prepper means you don’t trust in God.
God won’t let things get too bad.

We as Christians tend to grab one scripture and build our lives around it. There are churches and even denominations that  are founded on a small section of the Scripture. All Christians have been guilty of this at least a time or two. We are going to look at each of these excuses. I am going to list the scripture that the belief in based on and will also provide the counter point.

Read the whole detailed article here:

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