Book Review: None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Blog, conspiracy, New Post, Original Content, Rants, Review
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I was turned on to this book by none other than the testimony of Alex Jones. He has stated this book was instrumental in his awakening so I decided I had to give it a read. I must state I do not always agree with Alex like most of his lock-step cult followers do but I do agree with much of it and he was instrumental in my awakening with his documentary 911 Road to Tyranny so I owe a debt of gratitude for that. This book is a good read for those interested in the new world order but it has its issues. This book will also make you question what you’ve always been taught. This is a good thing.

The first issue I have with this book is the constant focus on communism. Communism is a threat, yes, BUT it’s not the only threat. It would have been better to focus on the global elites willingness to use ANY political ideology to attain their goal than to focus only in communism. This, of course was done because communism was the perceived threat of the day when this book was written.

My second issue is with the solutions offered at the end of the book. They read like a thinly vailed excuse to buy more of his books. The primary solution to spread the information is good and much needed but the secondary of buy multiple copies of this book and spread is just as impractical in this economy as it was then, which leads me to my final issue.

This book is outdated. It was written in 1971. Many of the names are no longer relevant for anything but a historical lesson. The methods and tactics however haven’t changed.

This gives me a good Segway to the good and accurate information presented in this book. The methods the elites use don’t change. Divide and conquer. Say one thing and do another. Etc. This book gives a clear insight to how the globalists operate and think. That information is invaluable if you are to fight them.

Parts of this book read like prophecy. Here is just one example dealing with how they manufacture and use the threat of terrorism.

“In order to solidify their power in the United States they will need to do here the same thing they have done in other countries. They will establish and maintain their dictatorship through stark terror. The terror does not end with the complete take-over of the Republic. Rather, then terror just begins…for total, all-encompassing terror is an absolute necessity to keep a dictatorship in power. And terror does not mean merely punishing the enemies of the New Order. Terror requires the murdering and imprisoning of people at random…even many of those who helped them come to power.”

With radical Islam on the forefront nowadays which is a total creation of the global power elite, the international bankers use the threat of terrorism to do everything from steal our 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights to continued funding of the military industrial complex war machine so they can make insane profits off the blood of those who falsely believe they are fighting for their countries freedom… No matter what country they are fighting for.

Arthur Jenson in the movie Network (1976) said it best: “There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.” What irony, in Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope he identifies the elite as The Network.


Overall I give this book 4 stars. If it had widened it’s scope outside of communism I would have given it 5. Either way it’s a good read with lots of good information. A definite must read for anybody interested in liberty, truth and conspiracy.

You can buy the book off of Amazon here.

Ultimately a better book to read would be Tragedy and Hope 101 by Joseph Plummer, of which I have also reviewed.

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  1. Alex Jones is assisting in the divide and conquer routine. His lunatic ramblings appeal to the far everyone simply because they dont feel alone. I can see how he would have assisted in awakening, but, having people keep following or even bringing him up as more then a footnote in the governments plan since 2001 to ensure complete control, (regardless side for you voting types) simply contributes to the lunacy that is statism.

    “The communists are coming”
    “A house divided against itself”
    “Its the jews”
    “Its the bankers”
    “Global cooling”
    “Global warming”
    “Climate change”

    All of that is nothing more then a smokescreen to ensure more complete control- and you guessed it, good old Socialist Lincoln started it (from income taxes through individual liberty) he began the march that every single president since has continued.

    Eh, I dont live in a world full of fantastical and often ludicrous plots. Prepping has always been my life, because we lived in tornado alley/flood zones/foreign war zones (central and south america) as well as fire and drought zones. There is a simple reality that government will eventually collapse, most people will simply continue living and working, while some, (those who love being led the most/vote regularily or care that government is this or that) will actually be the real threat to freedom and liberty.

    I guess what I am saying is, dont get so caught up in lunacy from lunatics that you stop investigating for facts yourself. Alex Jones and his infowars has been widely discredited of late, simply because he is wrong in almost everything he has said, except for his ability to cause internal fear. The real facts are simple. (Using common definitions/or referring to federal not tribal or town/local)

    1. Government is bad, always. (No point in history shows it is good)
    2. Cops and Soldiers follow orders and will, and have numerous times proven they will do exactly as ordered. (Wide spread blind obediance to them is stupid, ridiculous and will get you killed in a hammer down situation)
    3. Voting is slaves rattling their chains as we have already established that government is and always has been bad. (Look through history and find me a government that embraces and promotes individiual liberty, freedom in DEED not just word)

    Anyhow, enough said. Good luck, I like your blog but dont start with the conspiracies please, stick with reality. And remember, reality is often far scarier then conspiracy.


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    • I agree wholeheartedly. Without a doubt Alex is bought, paid for, controlled and kept on a short leash. Anybody with half an eye open can see that. However he still aids in the awakening process for many. As far as conspiracies go, I delve into them partly just to keep me sane and keep the neurons firing. Besides so many conspiracies have been proven to be true.

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