Your political stickers reveal your ignorance

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Blog, conspiracy, New Post, Original Content, photos, Rants, Videos
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I Gotta say, I agree with a lot of these stickers!!! But with that said do they really make any difference or do they make you look like a raving lunatic?

If you are reading this you are the resistance!

I don’t care who the candidate is on those stickers. I don’t care if it’s an ass or an elephant, or for that matter a porcupine, though I am mostly of the porcupine persuasion. We must remember, “elephants and asses enslave the masses.” Besides all that certain bumper stickers can get the brainwashed cops to flag you as a potential terrorist… Like, say, I don’t know, a Ron Paul sticker, 2nd amendment sticker or tea party sticker… Seriously, look it up. Think, Southern Poverty Law Center.

Either way, if you still believe your vote counts you are mercilessly stuck in the 1800s! Today the entire electronic “election” process is 100% rigged top to bottom. Not only is the president of the United States a puppet with no real power, they are chosen years before you even hear their names by the globalist elite Zionist international bankers that really run the world to fill that office. Every 4 years another person rises up as controlled opposition to the hatred or loved puppet. It’s called a shadow government, look it up. It’s very real and NOT a conspiracy theory. It is however a conspiracy in the classical sense of the word. They have conspired to rule the world, and they have, for longer than you’ve been alive.

To steal a line from The Matrix, “You are a slave Neo!” Voting is merely slaves rattling their chains. Voting doesn’t work. Every 4-8 years we supposedly put a new joker in office and nothing ever changes. Taxes continue to rise as does the size and scope of government. Freedoms and liberties continue to disappear. Wars continue. The cops get more militarized. Do you get the picture? Nothing changes… Because it’s not suppose to. This is the course they’ve charted and we are stuck on.

Still think you’re vote counts… urg… wake up! Watch this video then continue the article

What we need is a revolution. Yes, I said it. That word has many definitions and to avoid the illegal, unelected thugs from busting down my door I will allow YOU to define that word on your own. Let me make this clear, I DO NOT want a violent revolution but a peaceful one. Perhaps mass civil disobedience fits into this picture. Again, that’s a highly personal decision and meaning. Perhaps it’s simply turning off the tell-a-lie-vision and getting your information from an alternative source. Whatever you do you act on your own. One thing I’ll say doesn’t work is bumper stickers. More than anything we need an effort of mass education of the masses. Getting the sheeple to awake out of their complacent conformity is objective number one. That means YOU, yes you, need to talk to them. A wise man once said “there comes a time when silence is betrayal” and that time is now. Either rise up and stand with your brethren or be counted an enemy of the new Revolution.

Rise, Resist, Revolt

Things to google for more information:

  • New World Order
  • Bilderberg Group
  • Illuminate
  • Zionism
  • International Banking Cartel
  • Voter Fraud
  • Election Rigging / Tampering / Fraud / Etc…
  • “selected not elected”

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  • Chris

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