Star+Rating-6Holy Wow! Everybody needs to read this book if they are at all interested in real history and the origins of the human race. You can purchase it here.

From Moon anomalies to Human anomalies. From The Pyramids to Atlantis. From the Anunnaki to the Rothchilds and Zionism. From  The Knights Templar to the Black Nobility. Quite simply, from beginning to end Jim Marrs lays down in exhausting detail how the human race is probably the end result of panspermia, created and remaining as a slave race to our alien masters. This book will seriously challenge any belief system you have, no matter how engrained. However, in doing so does not necessarily dispell that faith. Both are compatible.

I have always been a believer in aliens as I am a 15 year believer in Christ also. I have on 4 seperate occasions witnessed alien craft. First as a child, then teenager, then young adult and finally as a 39 year old. This last incident was witnessed by 7 other people standing with me including my wife and children. I also consider myself an indigo adult and have always been extremely interested in  hidden knowledge, which brings me to this point. The word Occult is a word that is highly misunderstood. Almost everyone considers this a word defining Satanic practices, Wicca, etc… In reality that is not the real definition though modern revisionism has made it so. Occult simply means HIDDEN. So naturally when I learned of this book I was extremely interested in reading it. And, read it I did… In 2 days! Which, considering it’s 500+ pages and I work full time is a feat!

Marrs hits it on the nail. I have finally found someone else who believes as I do…

For example, on the subject of our moon NOT being a natural object explain why in 1969 when the Apollo 12 crew sent the lunar module crashing back onto the moon that a reverberation from the moon like a bell that lasted more than an hour was heard… Could the moon be hollow? Marrs covers this. Also, on the moon, explain how mere chance can cause it to be exactly 1/400th the size of the sun in an orbit exactly 1/400th the distance between the sun and the earth while traveling at just the correct orbital speed to maintain that distance, and how it has a near perfectly circular orbit with it’s rotation perfectly synced with the rotation of the earth leaving the dark side of the moon always hidden. Explain why artificial bridges and structures and lights are seen and then not seen… Marrs covers all this.

For those of us who call ourselves Christians and believe in the inerrancy of the King James Version of the Bible we are faced with a connundrum. I found these passeges extremely intreging starting on page 323 “In The Shadow of Solomon, Laurence Gardner traced this “underground stream of knowledge” from medieval alchemists through Sir Francis Bacon’s Invisible College to more modern Masonic lodges, many of which were infiltrated by the mysterious Bavarian Illuminati. The brilliant Bacon, by several accounts the illegitimate son of England’s Queen Elizabeth I, oversaw the editing of the King James Bible and is believed by many prominent persons to be the true author of William Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets Journalist A. E. Loosley wrote that “Francis Bacon was mainly, if not entirely, responsible for a threefold undertaking, (1st) the Shakespearian Plays; (2nd) the creation in its present form of Freemasonry, and (3rd) the translation of the Holy Bible into its present well-known Authorized Version. The three were undoubtedly intermingled .” He also attributed an amazing coincidence of names in Psalms to a code of Bacon, known to have been a Rosicrucian grand master and described as a “founder of Freemasonry.” ……. that 46th Psalm, in which, in the Authorized Version, the 46th word from the beginning is ‘shake’ and the 46th from the end is ‘spear.’” I already believe many books were removed from our bibles and Marrs covers this some also mentioning that The Book of Enoch was in a lot of early Bibles in place of The Book of Revelation.

The only negatives I have for this book, and many including myself don’t really consider them negatives, though some may are as follows.

  1. The style in which this book is written is somewhat freeflowing ADHD. In other words it’s almost as if Marrs is writting out his thoughts as tangled and free as they flow.
  2. The fouth section of this book seemingly has NOTHING to do with our alien ancestors. However, in the last few paragraphs of the book returns to the topic with a statement and call to action.

Even with these two “issues” I still give this book a shiny 6  out of 5 stars. Everyone with ANY interest in aliens, hidden knowledge, history or the origins of mankind NEEDS to read this book and study the claims made therein.

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  • Chris

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