Book review: 1984

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Blog, conspiracy, New Post, Original Content, photos, Rants, Review
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George Orwell’s (his real name was Eric Arthur Blair) classic novel 1984 never seems to get old. This truth is apparent in the word ORWELLIAN. Even today Common Core says 2+2=5. Orwell predicted this in 1948 when he wrote the book. Why? Maybe it’s because he was an insider of the British Empire.

This book, sold as fiction but more like prophecy, shows us where we are headed. There is a reason the phrase “1984 wasn’t an instruction manual” has caught on in the liberty movement as of late. It seems almost everything today’s government sets up is doublespeak. What’s doublespeak?

That’s doublespeak. The Patriot Act is unpatriotic. The Affordable Healthcare Act is anything but affordable or “health” care.

Laws are being put into effect that resemble pre-crime. In the novel you have the thought police.

The language is being dumbed down through newspeak, a variation of English with a massive reduction is words and the adoption of phrases… Can anybody say lol or rofl? OMG, the acronyms are everywhere!

In the novel you have the telescreen, basically a large TV that’s 2-way. It watches and listens to you even when you aren’t watching or listening to it. Well today we have that also. Samsung smart TV was the first to be open about it but our cell phones also have done it for years.

Then you have the constant changing of history. In the book pay off Winston’s job is changing history. Big brother is really good at it. Well, we do that today too in a slightly different way. It’s called revisionist history. Changing the facts, teaching them in public schools and before you know it nobody knows what actually happened.

Needless to say the elites HAVE used 1984 as an instruction manual. I highly recommend reading it so you can see what they have planned for us.

I must say the one part of the novel I didn’t like was the pornographic nature of Winston and Julia’s encounters, or the encounter with the whore. This was worse in the movie. In fact I WOULD NOT recommend anyone under 18 watch the movie. Also, as is so often the case there are major deviations from the book in the movie.

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