80% AR question for my readers

Posted: December 3, 2015 in New Post

I’ve been unable to scrape an answer off the Internet. I’ve also talked to a friend that is an FFL and a local cop I know. They can’t answer this either. I really don’t feel like calling the BAT-Fags. Here’s the quotation.

In building an 80% AR WITH an adjustable stock, can one put on a pistol upper to effectively make an SBR without going through all the Title 1 bullshit?

  1. No, not legally. It falls under the AOW law- any other weapon- this being said, as long as you do not plan on selling it, technically you can build almost anything you want for personal use. Its a grey area, and where I generally draw my line with regards to what others know about my firearms.

    For obvious reasons, its wisest to shoot licensed/registered/purchased with form (fuckthebatf) at the range. I dont do the show my dick at the range, I go camping and have purchased steel/ paper etc., and this is where my guns that are NOT for others eyes come out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sense?

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  2. Understood. I don’t want to give the BAT-Fags any excuses. We’re on enough “lists” as it is lol.


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