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This review will cover all 5 of the Patriots Series books. They will not be extensive, in depth reviews  with spoilers, but just my opinions and insights. For the most part I enjoyed some of the series. I’ve given them individual, mixed ratings. Some I liked more than others. Some were trudging. Below I’ll explain.


Book 1: Patriots

5 Stars 😀

Book 1 deals with SURVIVING the coming collapse. This book was awesome. It starts slow and awkwardly but soon adheres to a nice flow. There is a wealth of useful information intermingled with the fiction novel. Personally, this book reads more like future prophecy than it does fiction. The scenario is very believable and extremely likely to take place in the next decade, probably sooner.

One of the major problems I do have with this book, which are few, is that all the preppers, seem to have unlimited income, which is a great departure from your typical prepper. Most preppers, like myself, are on an extremely limited budget, don’t have really high paying jobs and don’t have thousands of dollars to spare. With that said Rawles makes up for that with the wealth of information provided on the tips they buy to prep.

This book is by leaps and bounds the best book in the series and will be the only one I’ll be re-reading.


Book 2: Survivors

2 Stars 😦

Books 2 and 3 deal WITH the coming collapse and should have been 1 book. I was highly disappointed in this book. While it contains useful information like the first book it is really hard to follow. Rawles jumps around way to much. For example sometimes a chapter will have 2 paragraphs here, 5 there, about different people in different locations and then you’ll have entire paragraphs about other people. Overall there are too many people to easily follow.

Unlike the first book there is useful prepper information but not anywhere near book one. For example the information on ham radio is pretty good.

One thing that drove me nuts was all the German in the book without translation. My wife came from a German family so I could understand most of it even though I am nowhere near fluent but someone without that knowledge would have great difficulty. This is also done some with Spanish in the book with the occasional translation offered.

One thing I did like about the book is that it filled in holes with the first book. This is because it takes place alongside the circumstances of the first book with different characters and even some of the same. This did come in somewhat irritating though when entire chapters were about how one person met another… those had zero prepping information.


Book 3: Founders

2 Stars 😦

This book starts out almost like a theology course. As a Christian I don’t mind but I do realize that others will. Spiritual preparedness is the most important in my mind.

Trudging along I’m writing these individual short reviews as I complete each book. This book ends with the provincial government being defeated just like book 1 with a little extra thrown in at the end. With the writing style very similar to book 2 but a little better and many of the same characters it is very much a continuation of book 2 and also fills in some more blanks from book 1. I was equally annoyed at the lack of prepping information, again with some handy stuff thrown in here and there. Honestly this book seemed more like a guerrilla resistance handbook put to fiction than a preppers book.

What’s more, this and book 2 could have been combined into one book but that wouldn’t be as profitable now would it? I guess every prepper needs a way to fund his preparedness and I guess Rawles must be building a million dollar underground bunker. With 2 books to go I’m hoping I don’t have to stomach and more fillers like multiple chapters on how people met or fell in love. It really detracts from the prepper focus of the series.


Book 4: Expatriates

2 Stars 😦

Books 4 and 5 deal with the coming GLOBAL collapse and should have been 1 book. I’ve just started the book and my eyes are already rolling. It starts with a Muslim plot to put bombs in cameras. Everybody should know at this point that most Muslims are peaceful and the ones that aren’t are paid government patsies.

Unlike the last 3 books this one doesn’t share common characters with the last 3.

The writing style is more reminiscent of Book 1 which is a relief but there is very little prepping / survival information. It’s more about escape and evasion. To my delight Chapter 10 does have a lot of useful books listed.


Book 5: Liberators

4 Stars 🙂

Being very disappointed with the last three books I almost didn’t read this one. I’m glad I fought off that temptation. This book is a refreshing departure from books 2-4. While still including all the “how people met” stuff there is a much closer resemblance to book 1.

The focus of this book is on the US and Canadian liberation from the UNs grip. The main focus of this book steers towards guerrilla warfare. Thankfully, and finally after 3 painstakingly gruiling books there is finally some good prepping / survivalism information in this book. I rate this book the 2nd best in the series.


The series is rather lengthy, interesting and at times very hard to follow. If you read it as a series there will be A LOT of “copy, paste, repeat” between novels. This is just plain lazy and a money making scheme and I am extremely disappointed in Rawles for this.

In the end it’s up to the individual readers preferences and need of information. There is enough information contained in these novels to keep even an experienced prepper thinking and researching more preparations, especially in the first book. It’s a decent series but you’ll end up spending quite a bit of money for what can be had for free over at Rawles’ blog

Overall I can only recommend books 1 and 5. The other 3 are just fluffy money makers.

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