Pistol Review: Springfield XDM 4.5 9mm Pistol

Posted: December 6, 2015 in Blog, New Post, Original Content, photos, Review
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My new carry pistol! That’s how much I think of this firearm. BTW pictures are NOT of my pistol. You don’t need my serial number lol.

I recently acquired a brand new Springfield Armory XDM 4.5″ 9mm Pistol, and let me tell you, this is one nice firearm!

There are two types of pistol owners out there. The Glock snobs and everyone else. To the Glock snobs there is nothing better than a Glock. To the rest of us, we know better. I’m of the latter group. Personally I don’t like Glocks. They don’t fit well in my hand. They don’t present well when raised, at least for me and they are just plain ugly as sin. Do they work? Of course, and they work well, nobody can deny that but there are other pistols that are just as good and even better for the same price, and even cheaper. The XDM line of pistols fit that category to a T. To a Glock snob that statement is heresy.

First of all you get everything you need in one place. All except for ammunition that is. The package includes the pistol (obviously), 3 magazines (19 round capacity), kydex holsters for the pistol AND the mags, a speed loader, three different sized back straps, and a really nice case for it all along with all the other accouterments every other brand new firearm comes with. Something that you get that’s not typical is a bore brush on a wire rod. This is a very nice touch. The speed loader has a weaver rail mount on it so you can mount it on your weapons rail OR the mag holster, which has 2 weaver rails on either side also. Here you can mount a laser or light when not on the gun (when holstered for instance). Even the carrying case has weaver rails!


My first impression of the pistol is spectacular. This is the XDM so it has the match grade barrel and the feed ramp is very polished and slippery. The finish is flawless. Even the magazine’s are laser etched with Springfield’s logo. The firearm’s sights present perfectly when raised. There was no fidgeting to find sight picture. For once, finally, I have found a pistol that fits right in my huge mitts.

Speaking of the sights, this is one of the issues (really the only issue) I have with the pistol. On the rear sight the left dot was not completely filled in with the white sight paint. So what you effectively have is a hollow circle on the left and a closed circle on the right. This will be remedied soon.

Now that I think of it there is one more down side but not with the pistol itself. The extra magazine holster isn’t of the paddle variety which I would have preferred. You have to take your belt off and thread it through. The other issue is also the V shape. This doesn’t bode well for ease of use or clothing printing issues.


The pistol is surprisingly light for a full sized pistol with 20 rounds (19+1).

Features: It has a trigger and grip safety, Loaded chamber indicator, cocked indicator and ambidextrous magazine release. The cuts in the slide are deep and grippy just like the ones on the grip. Being a full sized pistol it obviously has a accessory rail, however this one is a 3 position allowing a greater array of lights, lasers, bayonets (yes they make those) etc…


Shooting the pistol is also impressive. Being a 9mm the recoil is light and with it being a 4.5″ barrel there is less muzzle flip so you can be back on target much quicker. The trigger also helps you get back on target quicker as it has a short throw and a short reset making rapid fire or double and triple taps very easy. This pistol groups very well. This was at 20 yards resting on the hood of my Jeep with a few “flash aim” freehand shots mixed in. BTW I’m not the best shot with a pistol so this is all quality craftmanship.


Yesterday I went to the range with a close friend and blew through 148 rounds of 9mm doing some Tactical pistol training. It was a blast (pun intended) and I learned a few new drills along with blowing off some stream. There were ZERO problems with the firearm.


BTW, this is a 8.5″ x 11″ target at 10 yards. Rapid fire drills, not slow aim plinking.

Field stripping is as easy as it gets. Lock the slide, flip the release, release and push the slide off. Pull the spring. Pull the barrel and you’re done.

Overall, for the price of the gun (Retails anywhere from $500-$580) you get A LOT of stuff. 3 Mags, holsters, brush, really nice case, speed loader, etc… AND, not only that but the NRA named it handgun of the year a few years back. Now, I agree the NRA is pretty milk toast nowadays but nonetheless they still know their guns pretty well. It shoots REALLY well and consistent with ANY of the ammo I ran through it (anywhere from standard and hot reloaded +P ball to Hornady Critical Duty JHP). No jams, No feed issues, No stovepiping, No double feeds, nothing. Just consistent, predictable performance time after time. Are there better guns out there? Sure! For this price? Not in my opinion.


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  1. wunhunglo2 says:

    The XD pistol is OK, and they do come with a holster and mag holder, but few people who carry every day stick with the factory stuff. They will work for a while, but for comfortable carry, with the magazines pointed in the same direction (not a “Y” configuration) Blade-Tech, Blackhawk, or Raven Concealment are better and necessary choices.

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