There’s a reason democrats are called the “left wing” and republicans are called the “right wing”. They are wings of the same vulture, government, and these wings swoop this vulture to the putrefying corpse of the American Dream. Slowly and deliberately this vulture picks away at your liberties, whether they be constitutional or God given. Elections are 100% rigged. Your vote doesn’t count. Your owners choose who the titular head in the white house will be. And no matter who they choose, wars will increase, liberties will decrease, the police state will grow and the constitution will continue to be used as toilet paper. So, get out and vote if you really want to waste your time but if you want real change then ignore unconstitutional laws (Marbury vs Madison) and live your life as a sovereign citizen of your respective state, not a 14th amendment indentured servant.

Listen to how succinctly George Carlin puts it.

Wow! I’m impressed. I submitted this to my local paper and they actually printed it, largely untouched.


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  • Chris

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