Tire Review: Cooper Discoverer AT3

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Blog, New Post, Original Content, photos, Review
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As a prepper you should know the importance of good tires on your bug out vehicle… or just your daily driver… and especially if they are the same vehicle like mine. In this review I share my experiences with the Cooper Discoverer AT3.

Overall this is an excellent all around tire for the price. I have very little complaints about them. Lets break the review down by terrain.

City. Not a lot to talk about here. The tires look good rolling on my slightly lifted ’01 Cherokee Sport.


This is my type of city traffic!!!!

Highway. One would expect an AT tire to be moderately loud on the highway but I was pleasantly surprised. They were actually quieter than the all seasons I had on the jeep. Handling at speed is fine and I’ve had these tires up to 95mph without problems (during a family emergency).

Rain. These tires are excellent in rain. They effortlessly shed water even beyond their speed rating. Hitting a puddle at 80? You will hydroplane. That’s your fault not the tire’s.

Dirt / Gravel road. They are predictably good here as you would expect an AT tire to be. Almost an imperceptible amount of drift and they are not overly stiff so they ride great over the harsh bumps of your typical New England dirt road.

Mud. First of all these are NOT mud bogging tires but they perform ok in moderately deep (rim) mud. Once you go deeper though they start to loose traction significantly. If you’re going to use them for mud you might want air lockers. Otherwise make sure you have some momentum going before you hit the mud.


Rocks. I’ve ascended some pretty steep rocks in my lightly modified Cherokee with these tires and there was very little slippage. Keep in mind though I have the LT tires not the off-road tires.

Snow. Before I go here it may be more a vehicle issue than a tire issue. Let me explain. The Cherokee Sports are very light for a 4×4 suv and I’m running 265/75-15 tires with a 3″ lift. These are basically a 31″ tire only without all the extra plys for hard offroading. The combination of wide tires on a light weight vehicle may be the issue here. So how does my vehicle deal with snow with these tires? That depends on the type. Lets break it down.

Hard pack snow. They work as expected on hard pack. In fact they handle almost like they do on a dirt road with just a little bit of drift.

Deep snow. Now we have issues. At slower speeds (under 25mph) they do fine but as soon as the speed increases they “snowplane”. It’s like hydroplaning only on snow. The snow tosses me all over the road forcing me to slow down. Now before you blame this on my driving keep this in mind. I’m a commercial driver with millions of miles underneath my belt. I’m the senior road trainer at my job and I have skid pad training under my belt on all major styles of drive trains.

Wet snow. Otherwise known as slush, grease, snot and winter mud. Behavior on this medium is very similar to the heavy snow with some minor differences. Instead of the slush pushing me around I push it around but if it’s thick enough I still float on top of it at higher speeds.

Ice. It has been an unusual winter this year in the northeast so I have yet to encounter ice. When I do I’ll update this review.

Overall these are great tires for the price. I got 4 for under $500. They are not hard core offroaders but as long as your not doing that or going 80 in deep snow or mud they should serve you well on you BOV or everyday rig.

I highly recommend you buy these tires!

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