Let me preface this by giving the usual legal bullshit disclaimer. I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on T.V.. This IS NOT medical advice and shouldn’t be taken as such. Talk to your doctor before doing anything. There, that should cover my ass.

Psychopathic Poison Pill Popping Pissed off Preppers, it’s probably my scariest SHTF scenario. Nothing scares me more than a prepper on antidepressants. Why? Simple. When the shit hits the fan and they run out of their pills you’ll wish for brain eating zombies. I know I’m going to be stepping on some toes here. Dammit, pull your feet in when I walk by! I have friends that are taking antidepressants. I’ve been on one. That doesn’t change my opinion on them. Let me set this scenario up for you.

Preppers are known to be well armed, not only with guns but knives and knowledge. Hell, I am one, I should know. Not only are they well armed with these but they usually practice regularly (or at least they should) and are quite proficient with them. Enter the SSRI….


The top 10 side effects WHILE ON SSRIs include Suicidal Thoughts, Depression & Anxiety and the effects are acute, meaning they come on hard and fast. I thought these pills were suppose to prevent these things???  But what’s really scary is what happens when you get off of them cold turkey.

It’s been said 1 in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four.. That’s fucking scary. And here’s why…


Reading thorough the list of side effects of what happens when you quit these pills suddenly is like reading a recipe for mass murder. Now we go from suicide to homicide. There are other disturbing things like visual disturbances (aka seeing things) that didn’t make this chart. So basically when Big Pharma stops doling out the mass murder pills we’re going to have a population of mass murderers just waiting to slit your throat because they’re not on their meds anymore. Does anybody else see why this scenario is worse than zombies???

See us humans are kind of like vehicles. Vehicles sometimes have what’s called a governor on them which limits them to certain speeds and certain RPMs.We humans have a governor on us also and when you quit taking anti-depressants it’s like the governor is removed now, whereas before you wouldn’t commit murder because of your governor now the governor’s not there so you don’t even think twice and bang you kill someone for no reason.


Actual Paxil Insert

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m sitting here riding my high horse in my crystal tower. See to understand where I’m coming from you need to learn a little bit about me. I’ve dealt with anxiety, depression and suicidal thought, hell I’ve had a razor blade up to my wrist and a gun to my head and now I’m a card carrying member of the semicolon project, but you see I didn’t resort to the head-shrink to fix my problem. There are other ways of dealing with these things. At one point in my life I was even on Trazodone for issues I had with sleeping but once I started having side-effects I decided it was time to get off those pills. Now I didn’t go see my doctor like I probably should have I just weaned myself off and that’s the thing with SSRIs, you have to wean yourself off extremely slow. You cannot cold turkey these things because if you do you’re going to have some of the above-mentioned side effects like suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, you know, basically just wanting to go out and kill people, so if you’re going to wean yourself off you have to go very very slowly. When I weaned myself off Trazodone, I mean we’re talking practically taking a fingernail file to the freaking pills every day. I mean I weaned myself off extremely slow over I believe 2 months and you know what, I stopped having side effects and I didn’t have any of the withdrawal side effects that accompany those. So the moral of the story? You need to get yourself off of these mass murder pills!

See the thing is, there have been so many studies done, I mean it’s an incredibly large amount, where antidepressants were pitted against Placebo, you know that pill that does nothing, it’s just full of water and sugar, and they have found overwhelmingly that Placebo actually benefited anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts, you know the symptoms that people take antidepressants for… They have found that placebo treated those symptoms BETTER than the antidepressants.

Antidepressants are a scam! You go to your doctor and they’re really skilled at telling you, “oh here’s a pill for that” or you go to your head shrink and they tell you “oh here’s a pill for that” and see, here in America we have this Lazy Man’s philosophy of take a pill for that. I mean they have vaccines for aggressive behavior, they have pills for everything under the sun and all it is is a big scam. The pharmaceutical industry is nothing more than a pyramid scheme and they are complete 100% criminals and we as Americans are so lazy that we don’t do our research and we don’t look into what’s actually going on most of the time. The pills that are out there do nothing but make you worse. Have you ever watched a TV commercial for, pick your drug any drug out there? It’s like 5 Seconds of “hey this is the most wonderful drug in the world” followed by 30 Seconds of high-speed “this is what it can do to you.”

The first is a real commercial, the second is an honest remastered version of a real commercial.

There’s a reason for those high speed disclaimers, they were required to do that by law and let’s face it most medication out there, the side effects are worse than the condition they treat and the same is true for antidepressants. They don’t treat you, they drug you up and make you brain-dead. They make you like a zombie, they take away your governor. If you get off of them too quick they make you suicidal and psychopathic. It’s going to be a real nasty scenario if the shit hits the fan and there are no more antidepressants available. As I said earlier in the article, you will wish for zombies at that point because now instead of slow-moving brain eaters you’re going to have fast-moving brain eating homicidal maniacs that are skilled with guns, knives and know the skills required to survive, so get off the pills okay, get off the pills!

In case you’ve already forgotten, I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on T.V.. This IS NOT medical advice and shouldn’t be taken as such. Talk to your doctor before doing anything. However, be forewarned you doctor gets kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies for prescribing you that shit so don’t expect them to recommend getting off of anything. They’ll want to switch your meds instead.

Now, enough of my ranting, without solutions. This would just be a gripe post without solutions. So, solution time peeps…


I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t offer some solutions here. Remember how I said that placebo treated depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts better than antidepressants? Why is that? Probably because we have the power to control our emotions. If I’m honest with you the only people that I “lose it” around are my family members. When I’m out in public and I have anxiety or depression or whatever I don’t show it! Why? Because I have control of my emotions. You don’t need drugs to control anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts. What you do need is self-control. But with all that said, I do realize that some cases are worse than others. So here is a list of natural treatments to help alleviate all these psychiatric issues. I will try to keep this list specific to those things that will still be around post shit hits the fan.


Exercise releases endorphins, you know, those “good feeling” things that your body produces. Shadow boxing is great to relieve stress and get the feel good chemicals flowing. Plus if you exercise hard enough you won’t have the energy left to be a nutter.


Pets can be incredibly comforting to people with anxiety and depression. Be it cats, dogs or whatever, animals can be a huge help.


Look, I don’t do drugs. I also don’t believe marijuana is a drug. BTW I still don’t use it. I believe it’s a medicinal plant that’s God given. I believe Christians that are against it are brainwashed by their pastors and don’t know their bible worth a damn. Thankfully America is waking up to this and before you know it I believe it’ll be 100% legal, as it should be. While I’m here don’t use big Pharma’s THC pills, they are laced with toxins. Use the real thing. In SHTF you can grow your own.

Eat real food

Today’s mass produced food is full of brain bending chemicals that fuck with your brain. Dump the fast food, all of it! Dump as much processed food as possible. Eat organic when possible. Absolutely no GMOs. Try and stay away from gluten. Sometimes dairy allergies can also cause these symptoms. Do an elimination diet. Grow your own food. Eat the best food available to you.


Ya, good old vitamin D. Get out of the black room, stop being a vampire and get some rays.


Take your house keys out, run your fingers along the keys, that sensation will give you ‘grounding.’ Pick up a paperweight, hold it in your hand. Or, get an ice cube. Hold it as long as you can do it.

Why does this work? Your brain can’t be in two places at once. Well, mine can but that’s another subject. The activity distracts you from the anxious feelings. Your mind will shift from racing, catastrophic thoughts [that accompany anxiety] to the cold ice cube in your hand.


Find something that always makes you laugh, it will help tremendously, after all it is the BEST medicine.


Lemon balm

Just stop being lazy, do lots of research, try different things, etc….

Here’s 19 natural remedies, some of which have already been mentioned.

As always, like, share, comment, participate in the conversation. Share the love and keep on prepping.



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