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Bio: Born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire… I have never been one to take someones word on ANYTHING. I’ve always been one to question things, especially the status quot. I didn’t have an awakening like many others, like waking from a nightmare. Mine was slow and steady and probably began around the time Ross Perot was running for president. I knew at the time the two party system was a sham but thought my vote wasn’t going anywhere voting 3rd party. However that didn’t stop me casting a ballot for Mr Perot. Little did I know at the time the entire voting system was a sham. Soon after Y2K started to raise some eyebrows. Not mine however. I was a computer geek (much more than now) and knew absolutely NOTHING was going to happen, that it was all hype. I thought those prepping for some sort of collapse were morons. Then 911 happened. At the time I was in the groggy, 1/2 awake state and seeing those planes hit the towers was like someone threw a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket full of ice water over my entire body. Something was VERY WRONG. A friend of mine lent me 911 Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones of Infowars.com. I had heard of Alex before but wrote him off as a kook. However there were many questions in that documentary I simply could not answer… Why did building 7 fall? It wasn’t hit. Office fires couldn’t have done that. Why did either twin tower fall? Commercial airliners couldn’t do that. Why was there melting steel? Jet fuel doesn’t burn that hot. How did a plane hit the pentagon? That’s impossible for a plane that size. Why did it hit where the computer records were stored that could show where all the missing money went the week prior? Why can’t we see surveillance footage? Why no wing holes / airplane parts? Where are the engines from these planes? How did a hijacker’s passport not get burnt up in the crash yet you can’t even find seats, engines, bodies, etc… Why was there a NORAD stand down? Why were the supposed hijackers trained here? Why? Why? Why? The unanswerable questions were endless. This led me down a path of conspiracy and the need to prepare for what the illegitimate US Government had in store for the nations future. This was just the beginning. Since then I have become rather active in the anonymous movement and anti-police-state movements. I continue to prepare for the worst, knowing that one day all the preparation will pay off.

I created this blog to spread awareness. From prepping to survivalism. Product reviews and opinions.

This is my home. Welcome! Mi casa es su casa. Enjoy the ride, spread the love, keep prepping. Please subscribe to the site. Like posts. Share them. Comment on them and suggest away. If you have the means, donate. I’m here to aid you in your awakening as I become more awake myself.

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