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Let me start this off with some personal background to set the stage. Many years ago I considered myself an agnostic, basically you needed to convince me God was real for me to believe. Well in 2001 someone did, namely Kent Hovind, otherwise known as Dr. Dino. From there forward I was a staunch believer and defender of Christianity but I had numerous issues come up that made me question my faith. I was in 1 particular FundaMENTAL Baptist Church (heavy on the mental) for over 12 years in which time I read my Bible 2 dozen times completely through (we’ll talk more about that later), became a deacon, treasurer (that taught me way too much about that place), Sunday school teacher, preached in jail ministries, knocked on many doors witnessing, memorized half the book of Revelation and many other large chunks of the Bible, oh, and preached behind the pulpit of the church while the pastor was away, etc etc etc… I say all this so you will realize just how involved in Christianity I was.

So what changed? Well, I’ve always been a free thinker, it’s just that I allowed myself to be partially brainwashed for a large period of my life. I knew about all the things I’m about to talk about but I made excuses for them. Well, no more, but first, what exactly is a deist?

For those of you who wanna skip the reading and just listen or watch me read this blog post I’ve made the following video:

Put simply a deist is a person who believes in God but not a book or religion. It’s more complicated than that but this is neither the time or place to write that, this is my story. I’ll let you do your own research but will give you some more information at the end of this article to aid in that research.

I could talk about the blatant hypocrisy that is pandemic in Christianity but I would also have to talk about how Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc etc etc is also infected. This is an old, tired argument and holds no water. Let’s get to the real reasons that ALL “revealed” religions are total bull. I’m going to focus on Christianity because that’s where my experience is.

The Bible claims it’s the perfect Word of God kept and preserved by God Himself.

Psalm 12:6-7 “The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. [7] Thou shalt keep them, O Lord , thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

So, if these verses are true there can be none, zero, zippo problems with the book. Copyist errors wouldn’t be possible because God’s Word is perfect and pure. Contradictions would be completely out of the question, they wouldn’t exist. There would be no updates to fix spelling errors or for that matter hundreds of English versions all saying, essentially different things.

(This is where my thousands of hours of Bible reading, study and memorization come into play).

1. Let’s get started with the contradictions, and I don’t mean the supposed ones, I mean the honest to goodness, clear cut, blatantly obvious ones. I’ll only give you 3 that I’ve personally found in my own personal study and reading. These are MORE than enough.

a. How old was Jehoiachin when he became king of Jerusalem?

Eighteen  (2 Kings 24:8)
Eight (2 Chronicles 36:9)

b. What was the exact wording on the cross?

This is Jesus the King of the Jews (Matthew 27:37)
The King of the Jews (Mark 15:26)
This is the King of the Jews (Luke 23:38)
Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews (John 19:19)

c. Does God repent?

Yes (1 Samuel 15:10-11)
No (1 Samuel 15:29) SAME CHAPTER!!!

For further research here are some links.

101 Contradictions in the Bible

9 Undeniable Contradictions on the Bible

2. There are many stories from many religions that mirror and predate the story of Christ and/or the Bible almost EXACTLY with the only big discrepancies being the names and dates.

Look up the stories of Buddha, Krishna, Odysseus, Romulus, Dionysus, Heracles, Glycon, Zoroaster, Attis & Horus. You’ll find striking similarities to the story of Christ like most of them being born of a virgin… To many coincidences to write off. It almost brings me to the conclusion that Jesus Christ was nothing more than a hodge podge copy of many prior pagan gods, a refining of the control grid if you will.

Here’s a few more links for ya to research.

10 Christ-like figures who pre-date Jesus

5 Near-identical Jesus Christ Myths That Predate Jesus

3. Logic. I’ve always been logic driven. This dive into Christianity put a huge temporary blind spot on my logic. It’s not that it went away but like it went into a semi-dormant state. Even in this semi-dormant state questions came up in my mind that nobody could or would answer to my satisfaction. Questions like, How can 1 God be 3 and if we, as believers have the Holy Spirit and there are millions of believers then are there not millions of partial gods? Or, How could a God that is Love order people to kill all the men, women, children and animals and burn their cities to the ground simply because they believed something different? Or, How come the Bible says one thing here and something totally contradictory here? Or, How come we are the only ones that are right out of the thousands of religions out there?


Or, How come my prayers never get answered? Not the basic ones that could simply be written off as coincidence but the big ones that ONLY GOD could answer if He’s even listening? Or, Why would God damn someone to an eternity in hell for now believing in Him? Sounds very juvenile! Or, How can God create someone but now know them? Of course these questions are anathema to any preacher. You may as well just leave that church before you even ask because they won’t answer them and will take you as a threat to their income after that. You will be labeled a heretic and/or a trouble maker or as my old pastor put it “you have the devil in you”…. and will probably be shunned by all your “christian” friends at that church.

What do I suggest? What do I always suggest? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS, just make sure you don’t take the lazy mans approach and just take what someone or something says as gospel truth! See what I did there? lol.

So as an addendum to this post I promised to post some basic info on what deism is, so here we go…


That is the basis of deism right there. We believe there is a God. We believe he created the universe but then walked away. He doesn’t intervene. He doesn’t answer prayers. He doesn’t care if you worship Him or hate Him. He just is and always will be. When it comes to eternity, views vary. I personally believe that if He could create everything He can take care of me when I die. I have no worries. Deism pictures God as the great “clock-maker” who created the clock, wound it up, and let it go. Deists deny the Trinity, the inspiration of the Bible, the deity of Christ, miracles, and any supernatural act of redemption or salvation. Deism pictures God as uncaring and uninvolved. Deism is knowledge of God based on the application of our reason on the designs/laws found throughout Nature. The designs presuppose a Designer. Deism is therefore a natural religion and is not a “revealed” religion. The natural religion/philosophy of Deism frees those who embrace it from the inconsistencies of superstition and the negativity of fear that are so strongly represented in all of the “revealed” religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Here is a decent video describing the core beliefs.

And let’s end it there and give you some more references:

The Age of Reason – Thomas PAINE (Free Audio Reading) A word on this audio edition. It’s completely missing the 3rd Volume. Get the real book and read it all. The third volume is wonderful in explaining deism.

Enjoy, and as always THINK FOR YOURSELF, like, share, comment and subscribe.




There is so much information available at the tip of your fingers now-a-days that I had to compile this short list. This list is only brushing the surface of an issue that 99.99999% of people just can’t seem to wrap their feeble little minds around. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been programmed a certain way since early childhood. Perhaps it’s peer pressure. Whatever it is the issue is so fiercely debated that I had to throw my hat into the ring and offer you a 20 point outline on whether your vote actually counts or not. Many of these points may sound condescending. I apologize for this in advance; it’s just that I am thoroughly disgusted with the state of even so called educated Americans. Many will sternly disagree with me, that is ok, you have the right to be dead wrong. The facts are the facts, and if you can get past your normalcy bias with an open mind and deeply research everything I submit to you here I believe you’ll come to the same conclusion I did many moons ago. So without further ado…

Does your vote actually count? The simple answer is FUCK NO! The longer answer is below. Ponder the following points.

  1. The system is rigged. Electronic voting machines that select someone you didn’t vote for that can be hacked remotely by a 5th grader. There has been federal testimony from a machine programmer stating that they can control the outcome of the elections simply with these machines.

  1. There is no chain of custody. Entire districts ballots are repeatedly “lost” and then later “found” and “recounted”. Inevitably they sway the districts vote.
  2. Your votes aren’t even counted here in the USA, they are counted oversees by a company named SCYTL, located in Spain and owned by non-other than George Soros, famous Nazi collaborator and member or every elite NWO organization you can shake a stick at.
  3. Every election tens of thousands of DEAD people vote. Towns have recorded more votes than residents of that town. Fraud is rampant.
  4. No voter ID. Any idiot (liberals included) can get a list of people who don’t hardly ever vote and can waltz right into the polls and vote as that person, with very limited research, because we refuse to enact voter ID laws. It isn’t due to “discrimination”; these laws won’t be introduced because if they were it would be harder to rig elections.
  5. Early and absentee votes have been repeatedly NOT counted, period.
  6. Between the Electoral College, super delegates and party “rules” you have as much a chance of influencing an election as I have of getting laid.
  7. The GOP changed the rules at the Florida RNC so they could exclude Ron Paul. They constantly change the rules and are doing so currently to exclude Trump.
  8. The Electoral College was designed to ensure that states with smaller populations had a say in federal elections. Smaller population states have more of a say than larger states. A citizen of Wyoming, in fact, has 3.6 times the raw voting power of a citizen of California. In Wyoming it takes 192,000 voters to get 1 Electoral College vote. In California it takes 692,000 to get 1. 538 people TOTAL “decide” who is installed, not you. And remember, they can still change their vote. Example: In 2008 McCain received approximately 91 Million votes while Obama received 34 Million. McCain received 268 Electoral College delegates, Obama received 270. Obama won even though he lost by a fucking monumental landslide! Still think your vote counts???
  9. Politicians are bought and paid for. They are owned, plain and simple and will do what their masters tell them to do. With that comes….
  10. Presidents are titular heads. For those of you who dropped out of middle school that is someone who is the official leader or ruler of a country but who does not have real power or authority. Presidents are puppets. When they step out of line people like Lee Harvey Oswald get framed. Enough said.
  11. The REAL government is a Shadow Government run by unelected plutocrats (read international banking cartel). Think of names like Rothschild, Kissinger, Morgan, Dupont, Ford, Carnegie, Melon, Bush, Collins, Kennedy, Astor, Freeman, Li, Van Duyn, Onassis, Bundy, Reynolds, Disney, McDonald, Harriman, Lehman, Goldman, Vanderbilt, Brown, Warberg, Krupp, Farben, Guggenheim and Rockefeller and you will be coming closer to the truth. Research these names dammit!
  12. The democrats and republicans are simply two heads of the same damn monster, government. Their policies are the same. They all break their promises. No matter who’s in office wars will continue, the police state will increase, the constitution will continue to burn, your rights will continue to diminish, etc…. And yes, EVEN TRUMP.
  13. The USA is a corporation, NOT a country and it is controlled by corporations. They dictate policy.
  14. The Media is controlled by the Shadow Government and 99.999% of Americans trust the gospel of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Faux News, etc… They can control and steer the public perception and the public’s voting habits. While we’re here, let’s look at the primary schedule.
  15. The primary voting schedule was written in a time and place where candidates needed to ride the circuit to proselytize the public. Now-a-days, thanks to technology, everything is instant. By holding primary elections so far apart the public’s voting habits can, again, be manipulated.
  16. Every Single Last President has been a descendant of the Royal English Bloodline of Charlemagne. That can’t possibly be a coincidence. It simply lends credence to the FACT that the president is NOT elected, they are SELECTED, and they ain’t selected by John Q Public, they are selected by the nameless ruling elite. The choices you are given (wait, did you read that?…) THE CHOICES YOU ARE GIVEN, that’s right, GIVEN. You don’t choose the contestants, THEY DO. Who said “Presidents are selected, not elected.”? ― Franklin D. Roosevelt”
  17. Presidents are selected by the Bilderberg Group. If you don’t know about the Bilderberg Group you need to do some serious screen time with Google. The Bilderbergs met in Davos, and the decision was made that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. I know this isn’t gonna sit well with all you Trump fans but what they want they get. Hitlery will be sitting at the same desk Monica sat under no matter how many of you cast your ceremonial vote for Trump. She has been chosen.
  18. The fact that your vote doesn’t count is so universally accepted now that even The Boston Globe has written about it in an article titled: Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. The people we elect aren’t the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University’s Michael Glennon.
  19. And for our last fun fact of the day… C. Gerald R. Ford, our 38th president from 1974-1977, was APPOINTED to the vice-presidency after the resignation of Richard Nixon’s original vice-president, Spiro Agnew, in 1973. About a year later, Ford became president upon Nixon’s resignation after the Watergate scandal. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON voted to put Ford in office but he became president.

Tell me again how your vote counts…?

I know you have your favorite party, or your favorite candidate, or you want to vote for the lesser of two evils but let me remind you of an old saying. “The lesser of two evils is STILL EVIL”.  Voting for which megalomaniacal psychopathic power mad dictator will preside over your life is an illusion of choice. You don’t have a choice, it’s already been made on your behalf. Voting, or rather the entire election season has always been used as a distraction from what’s really going on. It divides marriages, families and friends. It is the ultimate tool of control that you voluntarily use on yourself.

Wake the fuck up and live your life free of control. No Rulers. No Masters. Don’t let them take your freedom away, simply claim it and live your life. If someone comes for it, defend it with extreme prejudice up to and including violence. And, please, for my Christian friends don’t use the Romans 13 copout. God DID NOT install tyrants. Read that scripture again and again very carefully, word by word and then consider this… Hosea 8:4a “They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not”. God only sets up the GOOD kings… THEY set up the bad ones. Their rules need not to be obeyed seeing as “we ought to obey God rather then men” (Acts 5:29).

Live your life as a free and sovereign human being and don’t let anybody take that away from you…

Oh, and don’t vote, it’s not counted.

Feedback? Got any more reasons ya wanna list? Throw them in the comments, there are many more.

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Let me preface this by giving the usual legal bullshit disclaimer. I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on T.V.. This IS NOT medical advice and shouldn’t be taken as such. Talk to your doctor before doing anything. There, that should cover my ass.

Psychopathic Poison Pill Popping Pissed off Preppers, it’s probably my scariest SHTF scenario. Nothing scares me more than a prepper on antidepressants. Why? Simple. When the shit hits the fan and they run out of their pills you’ll wish for brain eating zombies. I know I’m going to be stepping on some toes here. Dammit, pull your feet in when I walk by! I have friends that are taking antidepressants. I’ve been on one. That doesn’t change my opinion on them. Let me set this scenario up for you.

Preppers are known to be well armed, not only with guns but knives and knowledge. Hell, I am one, I should know. Not only are they well armed with these but they usually practice regularly (or at least they should) and are quite proficient with them. Enter the SSRI….


The top 10 side effects WHILE ON SSRIs include Suicidal Thoughts, Depression & Anxiety and the effects are acute, meaning they come on hard and fast. I thought these pills were suppose to prevent these things???  But what’s really scary is what happens when you get off of them cold turkey.

It’s been said 1 in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four.. That’s fucking scary. And here’s why…




Oregon standoff spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was ruthlessly gunned down yesterday by unconstitutional tyrants.

It was a sad day for Amerika. Yet again the illegitimate federal tyrants who had zero jurisdiction gunned down a peaceful man simply because he was speaking the truth and drawing national attention to the situation.

What saddens me more is all the supposed patriot groups that are supporting the tyrants.

We all know what the owned “news” is reporting but the reports coming from the Bundy side are saying Mr Finicum was kneeling with his hands in the air when he was fatally shot. ABC has all the footage of the confrontation. I bet my paycheck we never see it.

Problem is the BLM is a totally illegal organization. They are unconstitutional. The Bundys were simply occupying a building that THEIR TAXES played for. They, technically, legally own that building. The BLM doesn’t. So many people are missing this issue.
Listen to me very well here. THE BUNDYS DIDNT PICK A FIGHT, THE FEDS HAVR BEEN PICKING A FIGHT FOR LONGER THAN IVE BEEN ALIVE. Tell me again how the Bundys are in the wrong.

Look at it this way. Let’s compare this situation to high school life. A bully (BLM) picks on a nerd (Hammonds) for doing nothing. The nerd complies against his will but isn’t tough enough to stand up for himself. What the bully doesn’t realise is that the star football player (bundys) are related to the nerd. Soon the star comes in and threatens the bully. The bully backs down and petitions his classmates (the American people) for support. He gets some from his bully friends and others who are to chicken shit to stand up to him but it isn’t enough. So, the bully finally goes to his big brother (the FEDS) for support. One night the bullys brother ambushes the football star and kills him. That my fellow Americans is what happened recently.

Keep in mind the even arrested a talk show host who was livestreaming their tyranny. So much for freedom of the press.

Are you posses off yet? Do something.

This is a call to action. If you give a shit about America and it’s freedoms then blog about this, make YouTube videos, share the post, commit acts of civil disobedience, confront corrupt cops and officials and stock up on guns and ammo because if you do the above you may be next.

I’m sharing this podcast episode because I’ve finally found another patriot who is standing with the Bundys and the constitution instead of running with his tail between his legs like so many other “patriots”. Give it a listen and support his podcast.

[The Prepper Guy Podcast] PGP026: Supporting the Oregon protesters, Pick a Side and Stand […] =>

The following is a follow up episode.

[The Prepper Guy Podcast] PGP027: BLM a Bunch of Lying Miscreants or Bureau of Land […] =>


Admit it, many of us played because of the what if factor. I never play but I did this time. Hey it was almost a billion after the government stole “their” chunk. Imagine what you could do with that.

I would have payed off all my debt. Bought the top of a remote mountain and build a concrete log home on top complete with deep underground bunker, armory, etc…

But, alas, I didn’t even win $2, now what? Now, life returns to normal, my head comes out of the clouds, I curse the man and move on with this thing we call life. I must now tell my dreams of grandeur to go fuck themselves and leave me alone. Back to American poverty, the daily grind and wondering where the hell I’m going to come up with the money to fill the oil tank mid winter.

Hey, if one of you 3 new millionaires wants to help I’m right here.

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It’s long been known by dictators and tyrants that if you want to control a people you need only starve them out. If you can control the food supply, you have near total control of the nation. I believe whole heartedly that the government and corporations alike are working overtime to tighten their grip on our food supply. Not a week goes by when you don’t hear about crop failures and food shortages. Some of this is legitimate, some is not and I’d dare say most is manufactured. Let me just list a few of the ways I believe they are doing this.

Codex Alimentarius. This is the UN’s plan to basically destroy all organic food and nutritional supplements. It’s too detailed to get into in this short little post so I challenge you to learn about it. Here’s a link to a quick info sheet. What do they want? Money, Power and GMOs.

GMOs. These are not only killing people they are taking over and converting non-GMO crops to GMO crops. Monsanto, the same people who developed Agent Orange, engineer your food. What’s worse is its getting to the point you have to use their seeds because of…

Chemtrails. Geoengineering through chemtrails is proven and admitted. Dropping aluminum, barium and strontium into the atmosphere to reflect the sun and cool the planet to combat glo-bull warming is the purported goal but some of us realize the true agenda. Problem is non-hybrid heirloom seeds won’t grow when inundated with aluminum, barium and strontium but GMO seeds that are tolerant to these are gladly sold by Monsanto.

Ethanol. Just imagine how much more food there would be if we’d stop using out farmland to grow a totally useless gasoline additive. There would be NO food shortages.

Haarp….and others like it are 100% capable of pushing the jet-stream around and heating up the ionosphere creating a whole slew of strange weather events, even earthquakes in diverse places. I’m sure this is why the entire country’s weather is totally screwed up this year.

Propaganda. Just telling us there is a shortage when there isn’t to raise prices, cause a run on the supermarkets and create an artificial scarcity is probably the most used and most successful tactic employed today. Never, Never, Never trust the government or their propaganda arm the main stream media. Never believe the official story.

Solutions. So as a prepper the solutions should be common sense. You can’t save the world but you can save your family and perhaps your neighborhood depending on it’s size and if you can influence them beforehand. Below is a short list of how you can avoid the government controlling you by controlling and growing and stockpiling your own food supply. Now, I’m going budget minded here because, well, 99% of Americans like yourself can’t just go out and dump 10 grand on long term food storage…

Copy canning. This is so simple. When shopping if you normally buy 1 can of beans then buy 2 and put the second in storage. Thus concept can be used for all nonperishable items, even TP. Just watch the mice with stockpiling TP.

Long term food storage. Not many people can dump a few grand on a 1 year+ food supply. However, most can buy an MRE a week or a Mountain House packet a week, etc… Eventually you’ll have that 1 year supply.

5+ gallons of rice and beans. This is a quick and cheep way to build up a good sized supply of storable food. 5 gallon Home Depot bucket (which just happens to be food grade) + Mylar bags off eBay + oxygen absorbers from the same + WHITE rice or beans from the store. All in all its very cheap and will last for a long time. I say white rice because brown rice spoils quicker. I know, sounds racist doesn’t it… Oh well.

Gardening. Even if you live in an apartment you can do some gardening. Containers in Windows. Sprouting. Edible potted plants, etc… However it’d be best to have a real garden. Learn complementary gardening techniques to save space and if you have tons of space plant a food forest. Also plant fruit and nut trees if you can. Replace ornamental bushes, shrubs, flowers, etc with ornamentals that are edible and remember to NOT chemically treat your lawn because those dandelions and clovers are also edible among other things.

Livestock. The people who can do this one will vary. Where I live I’m not allowed any form of livestock. A couple things to consider though. In lots of places if you name your animals they are now considered pets and you can keep them. Also animals like rabbits can be “indoor livestock” that nobody needs to know about if you keep your mouth shut. Also quail can be raised in a garage very covertly.

Hunting & Fishing. Without a reliable food supply you’re going to want to hunt. Anything from squirrels to moose and everything in between. Then there’s fishing. Usually this nets (pun intended) more success but in smaller quantities. A good mixture of both would be preferred. Depending on your climate hunting in the winter and fishing in the spring to fall is primarily the best way to go. In a SHTF scenario ain’t nobody going to care if you have a license.

Canning. If you have a garden you’re going to have a hard time keeping it all from spoiling if you don’t have unlimited refrigerator space. Plus if the grid is down and it’s summer good luck there. Canning is an awesome way to preserve your veggies or even the meat from game you’ve bagged.

Dehydrating. Also a very good method of preservation. I prefer this method for making jerky out of game meat but it can be used for so much more. You don’t need electricity for this either. A dehydrator can be made very simply without the use of the grid.

Foraging. This is a skill all preppers should know and regularly practice. Know what grows in your area and what and how you can consume it. However don’t just get the knowledge, develop the wisdom and practice preparing and eating it. I’ll use acorns as an example. Acorns are everywhere up here. My first attempt at eating them a few years back went OK but not stellar. I had researched how to prepare them so I knew you had to boil off the tannin. However I didn’t do enough water changes. I then roasted them and ended up throwing a days worth of work away because they were just too damn bitter to eat. Do this now while hospitals are still readily available just in case you misidentify something. Word of advice, stay away from the Nightlock Katniss.

Notice I never brought up freezing or refrigeration for preservation. I did this because first of all space is very limited and second because electricity will be very unreliable to nonexistent when the Shummer hits the fan.

Take some advice from Hank and be a survivor who can’t be starved out.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution

With Puppet in Chief and “””””constitutional scholar””””” Obama (Sorry, one set of quotes wasn’t enough) threatening more gun control measures I figured I’d write a quick and dirty blog post about how ANY gun law, regulation, restriction, ban, etc…. is completely and totally unconstitutional and should be ignored. The BATFE in itself is a completely unconstitutional organization as EVERYTHING they do is 110% contrary to the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of these United States. Let me explain…

Let’s delve into the wording of the 2nd amendment shall we….

Well regulated. Many people use this as their proof text for gun regulations but in reality it is nothing of the sort. This phrase simply means regulated from within so it doesn’t require regulation from without. So the militia is to be controlled internally, but not as far as guns are concerned as we’ll talk about in a minute. It speaks more about individual militia structure than anything else.

Necessary. That means it is 100% necessary for the people to be armed to have a free state.

Free state. That is a state (not a country by the way), a locality, a land mass, that is free. Freedom is the absence of restrictions of any kind, including gun restrictions.

Militia. This one is easy. The amendment defines this word as “the people”. Ya, that’s everyone. However, more specifically it’s the people defending the country or just their town against tyrannical governments.

The right. Notice that doesn’t say the privilege granted by government. It almost infers duty now doesn’t it.

The people. That would be everyone. Since we’re in a separate sentence now it’s talking about the people as the collective and/or singular. Either way it’s everybody.

Keep. That means “retain”, “possess”, etc… in other words it can’t be taken away.

Bear. That means also to “possess” but goes further into words like “carry” and “use”.

Arms. This word means any weapon. That includes, but is not limited to ALL firearms, even suppressed full auto assault rifles with high capacity magazines full of armor piercing incendiary rounds. Things such as rocket launchers, grenades, tanks, knives, swords, nunchucks etc are all defined as Arms. If it wasn’t for Search Engine Optimization the title of this post would have said “all weapon regulations”…. Either way when the 2nd amendment was written it was meant to include ALL weapons of war. That’s right! Private citizens should be allowed to freely possess and use any weapon that the most elite special forces soldier possesses. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Shall not. Notice this doesn’t say “pursuant to”, or, “except in the case of”, or, “except for”, etc… Shall not is simply that. You can’t do it.

Infringed. That means to limit, restrict, regulate or violate. In other words this right can’t be violated OR RESTRICTED or limited in any way, shape or form. So, gun regulations (or knife, sword, etc…) are infringements on your constitutionally protected rights.

The constitution is the supreme law of the land and according to the 9th and 10th amendment’s (quoted below) the feds and states MAY NOT add any more weapons regulations since the constitution mentions it. Constitutional supremacy rules here. That also means they may not regulate the production or sale of said weapons. No state concealed carry license is over the Constitution. No gun ban of any kind is above the Constitution. Any politician talking about, proposing or passing gun regulations of any kind ought to be tried and executed for high treason against the Constitution of these United States.

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” – 9th Amendment to the US Constitution

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – 10th Amendment to the US Constitution

All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void. (Marbury vs.Madison, 1803.)

You know what, if you want my guns that bad you can have my guns… But be warned they come bullets first!



With the whole Oregon standoff news and views being propagated on the net and airwaves I fully expect commie fascist “liberals” to condemn the actions of the Bundys. What really burns my ass though is these FAKE patriots who are also condemning them. People like Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers and others like him. These people are all talk until some progress is made and someone actually takes action. Why? Because they make more money if nobody takes action. They are all phonies.

To Stewart Rhodes specifically,You sir are NOT an oath keeper, you are an oath BREAKER.

They say the Bundys went about it wrong, that they don’t have the moral high ground, that they fired the first shot, etc… First of all no shots have been fired. Second, the feds DID fire the first, second, third, etc shot. The feds are the ones illegally grabbing land and trying people as terrorists for implementing a controlled burn on land. So who’s in the wrong here Mr Rhodes? The feds and YOU.

Then there is the line that the Hammonds don’t want the help. Well, first of all they are being threatened so they made that decision under duress. Second, somebody needs to stand up against these tyrants and for those who either can’t or won’t stand up for themselves. It’s like your big brother standing up to the bully.

So Phewy Stewy, you phony mammon loving capitulating turncoat. Go fuck yourself or stand up for what you supposedly stand for. Actually keep your oath to the constitution and rebuke the federalist land and power grab and stand behind the Bundys and the constitution you took an oath to.

What should you, the average citizen do? That’s easy. Stop supporting people who are more concerned about membership dues then they are the purported purpose of their organisation would be a good place to start. Next, start open carrying everywhere to wake the public up. Don’t be an asshole about it, just do it. Stock up on guns and ammo, you may need them soon and they’ll be worth more than gold. Speak up and assert your freedom when it’s being infringed and proactively. Attend and speak your mind at city council meetings. Fuck unconstitutional laws. Refuse check points. Revoke your 14th amendment federal citizenship. Together we can take this country back from the federal occupiers and their standing army commonly known as militarized police.

Be careful prying that gun from my cold dead hands, the barrel will still be quite hot.


In short Mr Williams, YOU are the treasonous thug that needs to be disemboweled you piece of shit!

Ok. Rant over.