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There is so much information available at the tip of your fingers now-a-days that I had to compile this short list. This list is only brushing the surface of an issue that 99.99999% of people just can’t seem to wrap their feeble little minds around. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been programmed a certain way since early childhood. Perhaps it’s peer pressure. Whatever it is the issue is so fiercely debated that I had to throw my hat into the ring and offer you a 20 point outline on whether your vote actually counts or not. Many of these points may sound condescending. I apologize for this in advance; it’s just that I am thoroughly disgusted with the state of even so called educated Americans. Many will sternly disagree with me, that is ok, you have the right to be dead wrong. The facts are the facts, and if you can get past your normalcy bias with an open mind and deeply research everything I submit to you here I believe you’ll come to the same conclusion I did many moons ago. So without further ado…

Does your vote actually count? The simple answer is FUCK NO! The longer answer is below. Ponder the following points.

  1. The system is rigged. Electronic voting machines that select someone you didn’t vote for that can be hacked remotely by a 5th grader. There has been federal testimony from a machine programmer stating that they can control the outcome of the elections simply with these machines.

  1. There is no chain of custody. Entire districts ballots are repeatedly “lost” and then later “found” and “recounted”. Inevitably they sway the districts vote.
  2. Your votes aren’t even counted here in the USA, they are counted oversees by a company named SCYTL, located in Spain and owned by non-other than George Soros, famous Nazi collaborator and member or every elite NWO organization you can shake a stick at.
  3. Every election tens of thousands of DEAD people vote. Towns have recorded more votes than residents of that town. Fraud is rampant.
  4. No voter ID. Any idiot (liberals included) can get a list of people who don’t hardly ever vote and can waltz right into the polls and vote as that person, with very limited research, because we refuse to enact voter ID laws. It isn’t due to “discrimination”; these laws won’t be introduced because if they were it would be harder to rig elections.
  5. Early and absentee votes have been repeatedly NOT counted, period.
  6. Between the Electoral College, super delegates and party “rules” you have as much a chance of influencing an election as I have of getting laid.
  7. The GOP changed the rules at the Florida RNC so they could exclude Ron Paul. They constantly change the rules and are doing so currently to exclude Trump.
  8. The Electoral College was designed to ensure that states with smaller populations had a say in federal elections. Smaller population states have more of a say than larger states. A citizen of Wyoming, in fact, has 3.6 times the raw voting power of a citizen of California. In Wyoming it takes 192,000 voters to get 1 Electoral College vote. In California it takes 692,000 to get 1. 538 people TOTAL “decide” who is installed, not you. And remember, they can still change their vote. Example: In 2008 McCain received approximately 91 Million votes while Obama received 34 Million. McCain received 268 Electoral College delegates, Obama received 270. Obama won even though he lost by a fucking monumental landslide! Still think your vote counts???
  9. Politicians are bought and paid for. They are owned, plain and simple and will do what their masters tell them to do. With that comes….
  10. Presidents are titular heads. For those of you who dropped out of middle school that is someone who is the official leader or ruler of a country but who does not have real power or authority. Presidents are puppets. When they step out of line people like Lee Harvey Oswald get framed. Enough said.
  11. The REAL government is a Shadow Government run by unelected plutocrats (read international banking cartel). Think of names like Rothschild, Kissinger, Morgan, Dupont, Ford, Carnegie, Melon, Bush, Collins, Kennedy, Astor, Freeman, Li, Van Duyn, Onassis, Bundy, Reynolds, Disney, McDonald, Harriman, Lehman, Goldman, Vanderbilt, Brown, Warberg, Krupp, Farben, Guggenheim and Rockefeller and you will be coming closer to the truth. Research these names dammit!
  12. The democrats and republicans are simply two heads of the same damn monster, government. Their policies are the same. They all break their promises. No matter who’s in office wars will continue, the police state will increase, the constitution will continue to burn, your rights will continue to diminish, etc…. And yes, EVEN TRUMP.
  13. The USA is a corporation, NOT a country and it is controlled by corporations. They dictate policy.
  14. The Media is controlled by the Shadow Government and 99.999% of Americans trust the gospel of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Faux News, etc… They can control and steer the public perception and the public’s voting habits. While we’re here, let’s look at the primary schedule.
  15. The primary voting schedule was written in a time and place where candidates needed to ride the circuit to proselytize the public. Now-a-days, thanks to technology, everything is instant. By holding primary elections so far apart the public’s voting habits can, again, be manipulated.
  16. Every Single Last President has been a descendant of the Royal English Bloodline of Charlemagne. That can’t possibly be a coincidence. It simply lends credence to the FACT that the president is NOT elected, they are SELECTED, and they ain’t selected by John Q Public, they are selected by the nameless ruling elite. The choices you are given (wait, did you read that?…) THE CHOICES YOU ARE GIVEN, that’s right, GIVEN. You don’t choose the contestants, THEY DO. Who said “Presidents are selected, not elected.”? ― Franklin D. Roosevelt”
  17. Presidents are selected by the Bilderberg Group. If you don’t know about the Bilderberg Group you need to do some serious screen time with Google. The Bilderbergs met in Davos, and the decision was made that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. I know this isn’t gonna sit well with all you Trump fans but what they want they get. Hitlery will be sitting at the same desk Monica sat under no matter how many of you cast your ceremonial vote for Trump. She has been chosen.
  18. The fact that your vote doesn’t count is so universally accepted now that even The Boston Globe has written about it in an article titled: Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. The people we elect aren’t the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University’s Michael Glennon.
  19. And for our last fun fact of the day… C. Gerald R. Ford, our 38th president from 1974-1977, was APPOINTED to the vice-presidency after the resignation of Richard Nixon’s original vice-president, Spiro Agnew, in 1973. About a year later, Ford became president upon Nixon’s resignation after the Watergate scandal. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON voted to put Ford in office but he became president.

Tell me again how your vote counts…?

I know you have your favorite party, or your favorite candidate, or you want to vote for the lesser of two evils but let me remind you of an old saying. “The lesser of two evils is STILL EVIL”.  Voting for which megalomaniacal psychopathic power mad dictator will preside over your life is an illusion of choice. You don’t have a choice, it’s already been made on your behalf. Voting, or rather the entire election season has always been used as a distraction from what’s really going on. It divides marriages, families and friends. It is the ultimate tool of control that you voluntarily use on yourself.

Wake the fuck up and live your life free of control. No Rulers. No Masters. Don’t let them take your freedom away, simply claim it and live your life. If someone comes for it, defend it with extreme prejudice up to and including violence. And, please, for my Christian friends don’t use the Romans 13 copout. God DID NOT install tyrants. Read that scripture again and again very carefully, word by word and then consider this… Hosea 8:4a “They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not”. God only sets up the GOOD kings… THEY set up the bad ones. Their rules need not to be obeyed seeing as “we ought to obey God rather then men” (Acts 5:29).

Live your life as a free and sovereign human being and don’t let anybody take that away from you…

Oh, and don’t vote, it’s not counted.

Feedback? Got any more reasons ya wanna list? Throw them in the comments, there are many more.

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There’s a reason democrats are called the “left wing” and republicans are called the “right wing”. They are wings of the same vulture, government, and these wings swoop this vulture to the putrefying corpse of the American Dream. Slowly and deliberately this vulture picks away at your liberties, whether they be constitutional or God given. Elections are 100% rigged. Your vote doesn’t count. Your owners choose who the titular head in the white house will be. And no matter who they choose, wars will increase, liberties will decrease, the police state will grow and the constitution will continue to be used as toilet paper. So, get out and vote if you really want to waste your time but if you want real change then ignore unconstitutional laws (Marbury vs Madison) and live your life as a sovereign citizen of your respective state, not a 14th amendment indentured servant.

Listen to how succinctly George Carlin puts it.

Wow! I’m impressed. I submitted this to my local paper and they actually printed it, largely untouched.


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I was turned on to this book by none other than the testimony of Alex Jones. He has stated this book was instrumental in his awakening so I decided I had to give it a read. I must state I do not always agree with Alex like most of his lock-step cult followers do but I do agree with much of it and he was instrumental in my awakening with his documentary 911 Road to Tyranny so I owe a debt of gratitude for that. This book is a good read for those interested in the new world order but it has its issues. This book will also make you question what you’ve always been taught. This is a good thing.

The first issue I have with this book is the constant focus on communism. Communism is a threat, yes, BUT it’s not the only threat. It would have been better to focus on the global elites willingness to use ANY political ideology to attain their goal than to focus only in communism. This, of course was done because communism was the perceived threat of the day when this book was written.


h1bhter0mkejtftvawwlStar+Rating-6The above book can be purchased at Amazon in many forms. Click here for a direct link.

“I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create money…And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.”—Reginald McKenna, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, as quoted in Tragedy and Hope

Many have wanted to read Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope because it is so chalked full of information about the New World Order but upon seeing it have seconds thoughts. Carroll Quigley’s original book is over 1300 pages. Most people today don’t have time to sit down and read that information even if they wanted to. Many have tried, and failed. I’ve read the original book. For some reason dry technical information is easy for me to digest but I know many can’t. Even then it took me months to read and by the time I was done I had forgotten more than I had learned. If you want to try you can get the entire book here.

Enter Tragedy and Hope 101.

This book is like the Cliff Notes for the voluminous original. Joseph Plummer covers the topics in a way that won’t put you in a coma and won’t take months to digest while at the same time holding your attention. To be honest, I wasn’t fond of putting this book down when I had to go and do something else. Needless to say I still finished it in 4 days. The writing style is scholarly yet easily understood by non scholarly minds. Plummer gives great insight as to what is really going on in our world today and who is really in control. Little doubt will be left in your mind by the time you’re done reading this book that what you’ve been told your whole life is nothing more than a lie.

What makes this book shine in my mind and what sets it apart from the rest is the fact that Plummer gives solutions where others only tell you the problems and leave you in desperation. Not only does he offer solutions, but they are easy to implement, so much so that almost everybody can take part in the resistance, and this will be crucial if we want to defeat the network.

I must issue a warning however. If you are a typical American who thinks your government is legitimate and has your best interest at heart, make sure you are seated and prepare for a very rude awakening.


I’d love to have the money these jackasses have!!!

  As the 1% helps to systematically destroy the world with war, industry, and capitalism, many billionaires have been preparing for what very well may be the inevitable. It would seem bunkers are now joining super-yachts as another pompous “must have,” and while this news …

Source: Inside Billionaire Bunkers: The World’s Largest Planned Doomsday Escape AnonHQ

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