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It seems that with each passing day more and more signs arise that put things into a disturbing perspective: modern society is getting closer and closer to the edge and is soon to fall to its demise. The cause and nature of the imminent disaster make very little difference. The important aspect is to overcome it, to be able to fight the adversity with everything we have and make it out alive. So whether you’re fighting invaders, natural disasters or even zombies, you’ll need to be prepared. The first order of business in this case is to prep yourself up with the kind of food and nutriments that will and can last you for as long as possible. So start stacking your shelves with the right sort of food; the sort that provide enough energy and nutriments to keep you safe and healthy, but at the same time is easy to store and will last next to forever (without special refrigeration methods). Let’s have a look at what your best options are for a SHTF, end-of-days type of scenario.

Ready to eat meals (over 5 years of shelf-life)

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