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Admit it, many of us played because of the what if factor. I never play but I did this time. Hey it was almost a billion after the government stole “their” chunk. Imagine what you could do with that.

I would have payed off all my debt. Bought the top of a remote mountain and build a concrete log home on top complete with deep underground bunker, armory, etc…

But, alas, I didn’t even win $2, now what? Now, life returns to normal, my head comes out of the clouds, I curse the man and move on with this thing we call life. I must now tell my dreams of grandeur to go fuck themselves and leave me alone. Back to American poverty, the daily grind and wondering where the hell I’m going to come up with the money to fill the oil tank mid winter.

Hey, if one of you 3 new millionaires wants to help I’m right here.

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Oh, this ought to piss some people off… Just hear me out ok. Let me start off by saying I’m not a neo-Nazi, skinhead, jew hater or anything along those lines. What I am is someone who is interested in TRUTH. And if I have learned anything in my quest of truth it’s that you NEVER TRUST THE OFFICIAL STORY!

The holocaust is the mother of all conspiracies. It eclipses 911 like a mountain eclipses an ant. It’s common knowledge in the truther / conspiracy community that the Reichstag’s Fire was a false flag so if you consider yourself someone who wants the truth about everything (like myself) you’ll investigate anything honestly and without per-conceived notions. The story of the holocaust has always not sat right with me. I didn’t know why, just a hunch. So, as the indigo in me wouldn’t let it go I decided to dive into some research. This is only 1 book out of lots I have read on the subject and by far this book is the most detailed and CONCISE I have read.

So onto the meat of it. Did 6 million jews die at the hands of the Nazi concentrations camps? To my understanding, Hell No. First one must realize that the concentration camps were NOT extermination camps, they were forced labor camps. They had hospitals, showers (which weren’t gassing chambers), orchestras, nurseries, sports and yes, hard labor. I, and this book alike don’t claim the camps didn’t exist but this book sheds light on some of the more controversial parts.