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Let me preface this by giving the usual legal bullshit disclaimer. I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on T.V.. This IS NOT medical advice and shouldn’t be taken as such. Talk to your doctor before doing anything. There, that should cover my ass.

Psychopathic Poison Pill Popping Pissed off Preppers, it’s probably my scariest SHTF scenario. Nothing scares me more than a prepper on antidepressants. Why? Simple. When the shit hits the fan and they run out of their pills you’ll wish for brain eating zombies. I know I’m going to be stepping on some toes here. Dammit, pull your feet in when I walk by! I have friends that are taking antidepressants. I’ve been on one. That doesn’t change my opinion on them. Let me set this scenario up for you.

Preppers are known to be well armed, not only with guns but knives and knowledge. Hell, I am one, I should know. Not only are they well armed with these but they usually practice regularly (or at least they should) and are quite proficient with them. Enter the SSRI….


The top 10 side effects WHILE ON SSRIs include Suicidal Thoughts, Depression & Anxiety and the effects are acute, meaning they come on hard and fast. I thought these pills were suppose to prevent these things???  But what’s really scary is what happens when you get off of them cold turkey.

It’s been said 1 in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four.. That’s fucking scary. And here’s why…




They’re called BURNERS. Google it! Watch my video but here are the basics:

  1. Always Pay Cash. Never use a credit card and Never give out your information.
  2. Buy the simplest phone you can find. Preferably a flip phone with no internet or camera. I realize these are really hard to find.
  3. Leave battery out when not in use & charge battery only in vehicle in a non-critical location.
  4. When in use make sure you are not at a critical location.
  5. Never use names or other personal information over phone or text messages.
  6. Never give out the burners number to anybody except critical team members… eg. family or key people in your prepper group.
  7. The person on the other end MUST also have a burner phone.
  8. Never slip up, NOT EVEN ONCE. If you do you need to chuck the burner and get another one.

Following these steps should ensure 95% or more privacy but keep in mind if you’re a target of the NSAs they have voiceprint software that can identify you with just a few words and then you’ll be linked to that burner. So text messaging is the better choice.

Also keep in mind this only works if the system is up. If the grid goes down your S.O.O.L.

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When the stock market crashed in 2008 I kinda, sorta… panicked (to put it mildly). I was convinced that economic collapse, martial law, and the end of the world as I knew it would arrive by the end of the year. So the next day while my wife and I were at the grocery store, I started dumping armfuls of canned food into the shopping cart.

“What the hell are you doing?” she said, looking at me as if I were taking a leak on the Spaghettios. I had told her that we needed to stock up on extra food, but I never said how much. Although my wife had no problem with preps for hurricane season, she had no interest in anything beyond that.

As she looked at me, her face a mixture of anger and confusion, I suddenly realized that if I didn’t handle this carefully, it would be a huge strain on our marriage. Rather than get into a fight in the middle of the grocery store, I put some of the food back. On the way home, I explained my concerns to her. She thought I was overreacting (and it turns out she was right), but we managed to avoid getting into a heated argument.

Read the entire article here:

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Ok guys, I’m not here to say I have a perfect marriage because I’d be lying through my teeth. What I’m here to say is that your marriage is part of preparedness also. What good is being able to survive the apocalypse if your fighting with or don’t get along with your spouce?

A memorable quote from the movie Fireproof “But Caleb, man, I’ve seen you run into a burning building to save people you don’t even know. But you’re gonna let your own marriage just burn to the ground.” – Let that sink in.

This podcast and blog are a great place to start. These two (Tony and Alisa) are about as brutally honest and open and uncencored as they get. Check them out. Subscribe. Listen, etc…

Check the blog here:

And, Listen Now to the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show. The #1 Marriage Podcast on iTunes.

Source: Podcast Archives – ONE Extraordinary Marriage

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Some very good advice here for brand new and seasoned preppers alike.

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Zip ties, also known as cable ties, are small, light, and incredibly useful. They’re well worth adding to your bug out bag and other supplies.

Snippet “Part of being a resourceful prepper means finding small yet common items that we take for granted in our daily lives and learning how to use them a survival situation, hopefully in multiple ways. Zip ties are a prime example of such an item. Like duct tape, their survival and non-survival uses are practically endless.

Also known as cable ties, zip ties are cheap and made out of plastic. Nonetheless, they belong just as much in your bug out bag or camping gear as they do in your kitchen or garage. In fact, as long as you are armed with the knowledge of what they can provide you, zip ties can be among the most valuable items that you could ask for in a survival or prepping situation. They’re also incredibly cheap and take up preciously little space even in bulk, further adding to their overall value.

Zip ties come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, but just remember that the colored variants are typically weaker than the black or white ones. While we suggest you keep at least some colored ones to use as trail markers, we still highly recommend that either white or black make up the strong majority of the zip ties in your survival kit or bug out bag.

Here are 16 survival uses for zip ties:

1. Organize Small Items – Zip ties are perfect for keeping sticks, pens, cables, cordage, bags, utensils, and other small items together and organized. You don’t want to have a mess on your hands when you’re busy trying to survive a widespread disaster.”

Read the rest here: 16 Survival Uses For Zip Ties | Urban Survival Site


Think you’re prepared? This might just give you a few more ideas!

When you are new to self-reliance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I wish I could tell you the “lost” feeling changes over time, but it doesn’t. The truth is…..  Read the whole article at 161 Aspects of Self-Reliance In One Massive Chart – Walden Labs

Dealing with Anti-preppers

Source: Tips for Dealing with Anti-preppers – Apartment PrepperApartment Prepper

“This past summer, I visited with relatives in friends whom I had not seen in several years.  While it was great seeing everyone again, I realized, with some trepidation, that they are not prepared for even minor disasters.   They refuse to even consider the possibility that a disaster may hit their area, truck deliveries may stop, and they will have nothing in their homes to cope with the emergency.  At the time, the movie San Andreas was showing in the theaters and several said, “I don’t want to see that, because I do not want to think about what can happen.”

I think of them as “anti-preppers.”  You can tell by the way they conduct their everyday lives.  They never have any food in the refrigerator or pantry, even for everyday meals because they eat out daily.  When the subject does come up, they not even want to hear about the possibility of earthquake or some others natural disaster in their area.  They politely listen to the idea of being prepared, but they get a blank look and you just know they have tuned out.

I have written about the subject of dealing with a spouse or partner who is not on board, and was preparing to write about dealing with anti-preparedness attitudes when I ran across an excellent article written by Todd Sepulveda who runs the Prepper Website, Ed that Matters and others.  With permission, here is the article:”

Read the rest in the link.

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FREE Night Vision? Yes you heard that right but it might not be what you’re thinking. Sit tight and let me explain.

This is the Trailer Park Prepper Blog and here we do everything on a budget because unlike the majority of Preppers portrayed by Hollywood we work on an extremely tight budget because, well, we don’t have unlimited pocketbooks.

Your eyes are way more powerful than you think. In fact, most people can see great in the dark without any help at all. Think about it, how many times have you woke in the middle of the night, gotten out of bed, walked to the bathroom, did your thing and went back to bed without turning on the lights or even without the assistance of a night light? This is a testament to how good your eyes are. Now, before you pipe up, YES there is a familiarity with your own house and you might be able to do this simply by memory and with your eyes closed so let me cover that right here and now.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Get to know your house & property without the use of illumination devices. Get to know them good during the day, then at dusk, then by moonlight and finally, in total darkness. Now, be careful, don’t be a moron, take a flashlight and a firearm with you as many predators are out and would like to make supper out of you. So with that said let’s get to some tips & things you can practice to get your FREE Night Vision activated and tuned up.

  • Adaptation.

    It takes roughly 25 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust to the dark. During this 25 minutes avoid any light… and I mean ANY! Use a watch with glow in the dark hands and DO NOT turn on your watches light to check your time. Better yet, use your watches built in timer.


While there are a multitude of disadvantages of living in a trailer like:

  • Lack of storage space
  • Neighbors, and lots of them
  • Park rules and regulations
  • Crappy construction
  • Tornadoes

In this post I speak about the advantages. Believe it or not there ARE some very distinct advantages. Some of the basic ones I’ve listed below.

  • Cost effective giving you potential to save money for preps, bug out land/location, etc…
  • Potential to move onto land and foundation or as a temporary dwelling while building bug out location.
  • No land taxes, usually still taxed on building.
  • Fixing and upkeep can be cheaper than a standard home.
  • Heating can be cheaper because space is smaller. This does not apply to older homes.
  • Many times parks are retirement communities so neighbors aren’t as troublesome as others like in an apartment where you’ll have to bang your ceiling with a broom regularly. Try and stay away from parks with lots of young people or run down trailers.
  • Property maintenance is minimal but you still have potential for food forestry and or gardening depending on the size of your lot.
  • Pets are usually allowed with some possible limitations.
  • Home ownership Perks. You can upgrade, paint, or completely remodel anytime you want.
  • Community perks like pools & fitness centers, maybe even neighborhood watch.

Those are the few I cover in the video but watch for more detail and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for automatic email updates.

– Chris