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Oregon standoff spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was ruthlessly gunned down yesterday by unconstitutional tyrants.

It was a sad day for Amerika. Yet again the illegitimate federal tyrants who had zero jurisdiction gunned down a peaceful man simply because he was speaking the truth and drawing national attention to the situation.

What saddens me more is all the supposed patriot groups that are supporting the tyrants.

We all know what the owned “news” is reporting but the reports coming from the Bundy side are saying Mr Finicum was kneeling with his hands in the air when he was fatally shot. ABC has all the footage of the confrontation. I bet my paycheck we never see it.

Problem is the BLM is a totally illegal organization. They are unconstitutional. The Bundys were simply occupying a building that THEIR TAXES played for. They, technically, legally own that building. The BLM doesn’t. So many people are missing this issue.
Listen to me very well here. THE BUNDYS DIDNT PICK A FIGHT, THE FEDS HAVR BEEN PICKING A FIGHT FOR LONGER THAN IVE BEEN ALIVE. Tell me again how the Bundys are in the wrong.

Look at it this way. Let’s compare this situation to high school life. A bully (BLM) picks on a nerd (Hammonds) for doing nothing. The nerd complies against his will but isn’t tough enough to stand up for himself. What the bully doesn’t realise is that the star football player (bundys) are related to the nerd. Soon the star comes in and threatens the bully. The bully backs down and petitions his classmates (the American people) for support. He gets some from his bully friends and others who are to chicken shit to stand up to him but it isn’t enough. So, the bully finally goes to his big brother (the FEDS) for support. One night the bullys brother ambushes the football star and kills him. That my fellow Americans is what happened recently.

Keep in mind the even arrested a talk show host who was livestreaming their tyranny. So much for freedom of the press.

Are you posses off yet? Do something.

This is a call to action. If you give a shit about America and it’s freedoms then blog about this, make YouTube videos, share the post, commit acts of civil disobedience, confront corrupt cops and officials and stock up on guns and ammo because if you do the above you may be next.



When the zombies break through your outer defenses and are bearing down on you by the dozens you want to be head shot accurate. To do this you need to train, and train a lot. The most effective technique to ensure consistent accuracy, sight alignment, recoil, etc is your grip. Trigger control is next but not as important as your grip. You can have perfect trigger control but with a crappy grip we’ll all give you the nickname of “shotgun”. The following article describes the grip used by almost all competitive shooters and special forces soldiers including the famed navy seals.

It’s a difficult grip to re-train yourself into if you learned wrong but worth the time to learn and employ. I’ll be honest, it’ll feel awkward as hell for a while. The best way to re-train yourself is to get a magazines worth of snap caps and draw, aim, shoot, rack, re-holster, repeat. Do this thousands of times. It’ll take this long to re-train yourself. While doing this you should also be working on proper stances and proper trigger control. Also, don’t rack the slide every time which might lead to you developing a “muscle memory” to rack after every shot. That would be, as George Orwell says “doubleplusungood”. Also supplement with genuine live fire “range time” be it in your backyard (if possible), the range or the forest (safe practices of course). This way you won’t develop that muscle memory.

When all is said and done and the zombies are almost on top of you you’ll be dropping them with single, well placed head shots to the ocular window because you took the time to train correctly. Isn’t that what preparedness is all about anyways?

Read the article here:

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